Don't Be Surprised If Your Next Job Interview Includes A Surprise Sweat Sesh

by Georgina Berbari

Most of us can agree that job interviews are stomach-churning and nerve-wracking AF. But imagine you scored an interview for your ultimate dream job, thought you'd prepared as extensively as possible, but then the interviewer decides to spontaneously ask you to go for a jog with them or hit up a hot yoga class. Yeah, I'm serious, fam. Fitness job interviews are kind of a thing now, but it's not exactly because your future employer wants to put your cardiovascular endurance to the test.

You're probably thinking, "Why the hell does my potential employer want to watch me profusely sweat and put my #gains to the test?" I mean, it would make a bit of sense if you were applying to a job at SoulCycle or interviewing to be a personal trainer. But jobs outside of the wellness sphere are starting to include burpees and planks as a part of the recruiting process, even if the actual job entails literally no sweat and no ab circuits whatsoever.

NBC's WWBT affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, reports that the physical and mental challenge that comes with throwing an unexpected sweat sesh into an otherwise conventional job interview is a unique and surprisingly effective way to pluck out the right person for the job.

Basically, surprising the applicant with a workout is the ultimate curve ball to throw their way during an interview.

If this sounds like total BS to you, a few people in Richmond have actually experienced the shock of their potential future employer asking them to get active during a job interview, and they have, indeed, lived to tell the tale.

WWBT spoke with Nick Morris, the co-founder of superfood company Health Warrior, who said he included things like cardio and CrossFit in his own company interviews to challenge job applicants. Morris told the news station that seeing people forced to go outside of their comfort zone on a whim shows him how they'd perform at work if they were having a sh*tty day, or if they were faced with a personal or professional challenge in the office.

While there are no specific statistics on whether this method is truly effective, it seems pretty legit when you really think about it. Plus, you're obviously not actually forced to pump out some pull-ups or squeeze in some squats in the middle of the interview, but hey, if you truly want the position, your enthusiasm and willingness to complete any task thrown at you will reveal a part of your work ethic that wouldn't have surfaced otherwise.

So, it appears that you no longer have to hide your nervously sweaty palms during conventional job interviews since, for all you know, your potential future boss might just spring an ab circuit on you that'll leave your whole body dripping with sweat.

Having said all of this, it seems like the lesson to be learned here is that, when it comes to high-pressure situations like job interviews, you really do have to be prepared for literally anything. Even if you spent weeks and weeks picturing how the interview will go down, you'll never be fully "prepared" for the potential moment when your employer-to-be asks you to throw on a pair of sneakers and pound the pavement alongside her.

Of course, since something like this would definitely come unexpected, it's totally normal to experience an initial moment of panic if it actually does happen to you. The best thing you can do is show the interviewer that you're able to go with the flow, have fun with their unconventional request, and that you're able to laugh at yourself if you lose your balance in tree pose or trip during a jog. Think of it as an opportunity to allow your kick*ss personality to shine through and make you a top candidate for the position.

If nothing else, it's an excuse to ditch the stiff dress pants, and yet another reason to throw on your favorite pair of yoga pants. Can I get a hell yes?