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These Zodiac Signs Will Feel More Pressure Than Usual The Week Of February 3


Another week, another set of obstacles and challenges to deal with. Life never ceases to be complicated, and astrology can attest to that. If you were hoping for an article full of false promises and "positive vibes only," then look elsewhere, because this is about why February 3, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn — but don't worry, because it's still nowhere near as bad as it seems. I know "the worst" sounds harsh, but all it really means is that planets are exerting a little more pressure on these zodiac signs than usual. Pressure is rough, but it can transform a stone into a diamond, so you might as well embrace it.

The sun may be in quirky, rebellious, and free-thinking Aquarius, but that doesn't mean everyone is enjoying it. Depending on the nature of your birth chart, Aquarius season can feel like a cold, distant, and emotionally constricted time. However, the cosmos are shaking things up this week, because Mercury — planet of communication — enters Pisces on Feb. 3 right before Venus — planet of love — enters Aries on Feb. 7.

If you were hoping for a little extra warmth, sensitivity, and spirituality, Mercury in Pisces will open a portal that contains everything you could ask for. Feel like astral projecting? Reading poetry out loud? Then Mercury in Pisces is the time. However, it will definitely turn up the feels. When it comes to your love life, Venus in Aries revs up the heat, encouraging you to crush hard and fast. The only caveat? You might lose interest just as fast. Let Venus in Aries be about the chase, not the commitment, and you won't be disappointed.


Taurus: You May Feel Anti-Social And Ready To Cancel Your Plans

You're famous for preferring a cozy night at home to a wild social event, Taurus. However, you might feel like even more of a hermit at this time. You're learning how to enjoy your own company, tap into your inner voice, and relish in some well-deserved JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out). You deserve to dive into some sacred introspection and rest, so if you feel the need to cancel or postpone your plans, this is the week to do it. Your spiritual well-being should always come first, so listen to what your spirit tells you.

Cancer: Your Emotional Comforts May Be Taken Away From You

Everyone relies on certain emotional and physical comforts as they battle through their day-to-day. You are no exception, Cancer. It's only human to need comfort. However, the trick is not to let your desire for comfort obscure your need for growth. It's when you embrace the weirdness of something new that you build the most muscle. It may be time to let go of comforts that you've long outgrown. Just because it feels safe does not mean it will ever bring you the fulfillment you're searching for.

Capricorn: You May Realize It's Time To Move On From The Past

Come on, Capricorn. You know it's over. Why are you still clinging onto the past? In all seriousness, you're the zodiac sign of ambition, forward-moving, and delayed gratification. You're the last person to remain on a sinking ship and the first to make the long swim back to shore. Why is this time any different? You know in your bones it's time to move on from whatever this is, but you might be afraid you'll wind up missing it. The funny thing is, when you see what awaits you in the future, you'll never look back.