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Water Signs Are In For A Treat This Week, Thanks To Pisces Season


Throughout the course of Aquarius season, you might have learned a lot about community, humanity, and embracing new ideas. It's a season about connecting with other like-minded individuals, allowing yourself to be angered by injustice, and eventually, embracing your own vision of a future that works for everyone, no matter who you are. However, this week, Aquarius season is coming to a close and you may be taking in the last few lessons this sign has to teach you. Although saying goodbye is bittersweet, it's the main reason why these zodiac signs will have the best week of February 15, 2021: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. After all, Pisces season begins on Feb. 18, which means water signs are in for a treat.

Pisces season is one of the most spiritual seasons; some might say it's the most spiritual. Pisces is a zodiac sign that's connected to outer realms; a zodiac sign that dissolves boundaries instead of erecting them. When the sun is in the 12th sign on the zodiac wheel, your intuition, subconscious, and imagination bleed through your reality with sparkling and colors. This can be a daydreamy time full of spacing out when you should be focusing on facts and responsibilities, because your thoughts are taking you somewhere completely different. Your dreams will likely become more vivid too, as though you're living a separate life while you're asleep.

Don't be shocked if you start feeling a lot more emotional on top of everything, as Pisces is a zodiac sign that absorbs vibrations wherever it goes. This might be a heavy time for your heart, as you will most likely be feeling everything all at once. However, what will come out of it is so much artistic expression and spiritual connection.

Here's why water signs will love this shift the most:

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Cancer: The World Is Opening Up For You In A Beautiful Way

The clouds are parting and the sun is shining down on you, Cancer. You've been through quite an intense past few weeks. In fact, you may have spent the past few weeks coming to terms with endings. As you turn the last page of this chapter, you're also beginning another one. This week, you might start to feel more hopeful and willing to expand your wings and fly away. Spontaneous ideas might seem more appealing to you and opportunities to see new things and garner new experiences will be difficult to resist. Embrace it.

Scorpio: Everything Is Starting To Seem A Lot More Fun

Remember how you felt when you were a little kid? A day spent drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk and playing double dutch with your friends was enough to leave you feeling like the happiest kid. Now that the sun has entered your fifth house of fun and pleasure, the cosmos are encouraging you to play around and have a good time (just like you did when you were a little kid). You may be an adult now, but that doesn't mean your penchant for playtime has diminished. Spend this week indulging in the hobbies and activities that bring out your best self.

Pisces: It's Your Party And You Can Cry If You Want To

You've been lost in your own thoughts for the past few weeks, Pisces. You may have felt particularly reclusive and introverted as you processed healing energy and looked within. However, it's time for you to come out of your shell, because Pisces season has officially begun. When the sun is in your first house of the self, it encourages you to embrace confidence, courage, and enthusiasm for who you are and what you stand for. Put yourself out there and don't you dare hold back for anyone or anything.