You Could Win $1,000 To Be A Bacon Tester During This 1-Day Internship

Courtesy Of Farmer Boys

Even for someone who is pretty happy with the job they have, the prospect of landing a "dream job" is probably still in the back of your mine. There’s no denying that getting paid to eat all day would actually be a dream come true, and it turns out that doing so is entirely possible. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, folks, and if you haven’t already applied to Farmer Boys’ Bacon Intern position, it will pay you $1,000 to eat bacon all day long. TBH, it literally redefines "dream job."

If you aren’t already familiar with Farmer Boys, it’s a West Coast burger chain, which is widely regarded for its farm fresh burgers, friendly employees, and most importantly, its strong selection of bacon. And while the chain is thriving in the food department, it’s in dire need of a Bacon Intern for a second opinion on its pork selection.

This lucky meat-eater will be required to spend a full day eating signature bacon-topped items, according to the press release, including anything from the Bacon Boy Cheeseburger, to Farmer’s Burger, and — of course — Farmer’s Chopped Cob Salad. While feasting, the intern will be rating each strip of bacon for flavor and thickness, and although the internship sadly only lasts for a day, the selected candidate will be able to walk away with a full $1,000. It sounds like an easy (and seriously lucrative!) job, right? Just keep in mind that all applicants must be 18 years or older, and, of course, have the stomach capacity, appreciation for bacon, and ability to snap mouth-watering snapshots to be a good fit for the job.

Courtesy Of Farmer Boys

Luckily, applying to this delicious position is actually pretty easy. According to the official rules and regulations of the internship, the application opened on Aug. 6. To apply, the applicant must post a photo or video on their personal Instagram account, explaining why they would be the strongest candidate for the Bacon Internship. Candidates must tag @farmerboysfood, use the hashtag #farmerboysbaconintern in the caption, and have a public profile for consideration. Before applying, however, keep in mind that the candidate will be required to commute to the job in Southern California — if that isn’t possible, you may want to reconsider applying.

Once the application process closes after 11:59 p.m. PT on Aug. 20, according to the rules and regulations, Farmer Boys will contact the selected candidate to coordinate their availability to complete their duties as Bacon Intern. The selected winner will be announced on the @FarmerBoysFood Instagram by Aug. 27, so definitely look out for that.

There's actually science behind why bacon is so good. It's the only food that's simultaneously salty and sweet at the same time, it's carb-free, it's the ultimate hangover weapon, and it even curbs hunger. So basically, your day of getting paid to eat bacon will be the best day ever.

While you may enjoy your job right now, nothing beats getting paid to eat bacon. If you end up winning the day-long position, make sure you come to work prepared with an empty stomach — there's seriously no way you'll last a full day of eating with an already-full belly.