Have The Spring Break Of Your Dreams In Europe For Under $600

In a perfect world, midterm exams wouldn't exist and your passport would always be renewed. You'd be able to fly internationally without breaking the bank, and eat baguettes under the Eiffel Tower while staying well under budget. Suitcases would pack and unpack themselves, and floppy hats wouldn't get squished in your carry-on. Ugh! Maybe one day those dreams will come true. Well, what if I told you that you can experience spring break in Europe for under $600? It's possible, and now you're starting to think, "Where can I sign up?"

The truth is, you're always looking for ways to save a little money, so that you can go on extravagant trips. At the grocery store, you pull out your coupons and shop the snacks that are on sale. You put coins and cash in a jar, and deposit it into an account that you pinky promised yourself you won't touch. (That deserves a round of applause!)

But, a deal like this one does all the tough work for you and cuts the usual expenses for accommodations in half. It lets you travel without worrying about rent and cable bills, and speaks to your generation that desperately wants to see the world. It also gives you every reason to grab your best friends and book the spring break trip of your dreams with Generator, an affordable and stylish hospitality group.

What are you waiting for? Let's go! Oh, right. You need to go through all the details, which are conveniently right here.

How can you experience spring break in Europe for under $600?

Generator Paris

Let's dig into the details of the deal, so that you can get going and hop on a plane to Europe. First things first: Like any trip you've ever gone on, you and your best friends need to pick your destination. Do you want to bask in the beauty of Paris in the springtime, or roam around the Colosseum in Rome and pretend you're in The Lizzie McGuire Movie? Looking into Generator's 13 different European locations might be a good place to start when you're making this decision.

The stylish hostels are located in major cities that would be perfect for your spring break trip. These cities include: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Berlin (with locations in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg), Rome, London, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Hamburg, Stockholm, and Venice. There is also a property that just opened in Miami Beach, if you don't want to travel outside of the U.S., but still want to snag this epic deal.

Pick one, and then start mapping out your itinerary. Figure out what size room you need, and how you want to split the overall cost between you and your best friends. Generator is offering a 15 percent discount with the code "GENBREAK" starting now, until March 29, 2019. So, you just have to make sure you hit the submit button on your reservation before then! If you ask me, that's plenty of time, even for those who love to do things at the last-minute.

During your planning session, consider keeping track of cheap flights via Skyscanner. For example, if you search for a five-day trip leaving out of New York City on Monday, March 11 and returning on Friday, March 15, 2019, a roundtrip flight to Miami is currently priced at $162. A roundtrip flight to Barcelona for the same dates leaving out of New York City is currently priced at $440.

Of course, it's important to note that your own search may come up with different results. But, it's possible to save on this typically expensive part of traveling, too.

What can you expect from spending your spring break at one of these Generator locations?

Generator Rome

Let's talk amenities and what you can expect from staying at a Generator property for spring break 2019. From the moment you hit that submit button and make your reservation, you'll feel like you're in for something sweet — and it's true! Each location comes with budget-friendly and chic rooms, lots of luxury and privacy, and spaces where you can get social with other guests or eat a gourmet plate of food.

For example, at the Generator Madrid, there is a recently opened rooftop terrace that's perfect for relaxing and sharing a toast to spring break. At Generator Barcelona, you can spend your days seeing the city, (because you're located right in the heart of all the excitement), and your nights lounging amongst the bright orange lanterns in the lobby. Then, you can wander up to a large room with your girls for just $12.54 a night. (I would pinch you, but I promise you're not dreaming.)

Last but not least, at Generator Paris, you can truly fall in love with spring break and your accommodations. You can stay in a large room with your girls for $16.43 a night, or grab a private room for $74.42 a night. Then, you can soak in the skyline views from the rooftop, enjoy a lovely French wine, and watch the sunset slowly fade over Sacré-Cœur.

(Note that room rates can change, and are based on a five-day trip, March 11 — 15, 2019.)

What should you pack for a spring break trip in Europe?

Ivan Gener/Stocksy

It's not like you were really questioning this travel deal or going to Europe for spring break. But, after hearing all of the details, you're truly convinced. You're ready to soak up the Spanish sun, or spend a week sight-seeing and eating authentic Italian pasta. The only thing you're wondering is what to pack for a trip like this.

That's fair, because you're likely not going to pack the same things you would for five days spent in Florida. You'll need some cute outfits, and maybe a light jacket or sweater for days when it cools down a bit. You'll also want to bring a pen for sending postcards, and your passport! A bathing suit, comfortable pair of shoes, camera, and some sunscreen will still be musts. Don't forget to bring a packing cube just for your souvenirs, too, OK?

This will be the trip of a lifetime — one straight out of your dreams! Say hello to the Eiffel Tower for me, please. And know that, thanks to Generator, you're seeing the world for such a good price.