Everyone Is Buying These 40 Surprising Products On Amazon Prime

Craving a little retail therapy? Hi, same (always, TBH). As much as I love to shop, however, there's nothing better than being able to stock up on anything and everything from the comfort of your own home. After all, scoring surprising products on Amazon Prime without having to put on pants — what's better than that?

If you catch my vibe, then you'll be glad to know that Amazon Prime can come in super handy when looking to make a few purchases. While the online shopping destination is renowned for kitchen goods and genius tech accessories, it's also home to hundreds of cool finds you may have never considered. So even if you're not looking for anything in particular, Amazon is sure to have something that piques your interest.

Most notably, when the mega-retailer captures your attention with one of their many best-selling products, so long as it has a little blue Prime symbol by it, you can look forward to putting it to good use in as little as 48 hours. Yes, really.

Now that I most definitely have your attention, ahead you'll find dozens of surprising products on Amazon Prime that many shoppers swear by. And, if their reviews are of any consolation, chances are, you will too.

Lifestyle — Everyone Is Buying These 40 Surprising Products On Amazon Prime

1. These Odd Bottle Stoppers That Are Seriously Effective

After you finish chuckling at the name and likeness of the product, open your eyes to its real benefits. The shrink-to-fit design of these stretchy wine condom stoppers allow them to fit over any bottle for an air-tight seal. At last, you can toss crumbling corks and keep your wine fresh with a simple roll-down of this useful gimmick.

2. A Foot Scrubber That Makes Cleaning Your Feet Easier Than Ever

Look, let's put this to rest once and for all: simply letting shampoo and soap run off your body and over your feet is not enough to rinse them clean. Now that we have that settled, let's talk solutions. This suction cup foot scrubber adheres to your tub or shower for an easy wash without having to bend down to get the job done.

3. This On-The-Go Gadget That Takes The Mess Out Of Cleaning Dog Paws

Speaking of cleaning feet, make sure your pup's paws stay spick and span with this portable dog paw cleaner. The silicone design is filled with flexible bristles that remove built-up dirt and debris from your pet's paws. Simply add a little water to the opening (and soap if you so choose) and pop your pup's paw in the hole. When you pull it back out, it will look freshly bathed without half as much effort.

4. A Romper That's Renowned For Being Comfy AF

Tell me what's better than a stretchy romper that's comfortable and cute. I'll wait. Since there's nothing better, I'll let you in on a little secret — this super-soft sleeveless romper has received nearly all five-star reviews thanks to its stellar fit, too. The relaxed fit is made with rayon and elastane for a cozy look that's also machine-washable at the end of the day. Available sizes: XS-XXL

5. The Cooling Hoodie That's Great For Athletes And Outdoor Lovers Alike

Whether you're an avid athlete or simply love to spend time outdoors, it's time to stock up on one of these cooling hoods. The lightweight towel-like design provides UPF 50 protection and is designed to create a cooling effect that lasts up to two hours when wet. When it's dry, it acts as a soft towel to pat away sweat.

6. This Compact Power Strip That Comes With Traditional Outlets And Three USB Ports

Skip the traditional power strip in favor of this round plug system. The compact design features three traditional outlets, as well as three USB outlets, ensuring that you and all your friends can stay juiced up. It's also without a surge protector, so it's safe to bring on cruise ships.

7. These Cropped Leggings That Have Nearly All Five-Star Reviews

Finding leggings with rave reviews across the board can sometimes feel like a feat. And yet, here we are, with a pair of perfect-fitting leggings that have received a nearly all five-star review to boot. What sets these cropped leggings apart is their four-way stretch fabric and machine-washable design that ensures your new favorite pair won't shrink after one wash. Available sizes: XS-XXL

8. This Light-Up Collar That Helps Keep Your Pup Safe And Visible In The Dark

Let's be real — sometimes your pup needs a late night bathroom break or early morning stroll. To help ensure their safety during these darker hours, make sure to have a light-up collar on hand. This LED dog collar helps illuminate their path so that they won't be overlooked by drivers. Available sizes: XS-L

9. These Oven Mitts That Transform Your Hands Into Bear Paws

These grizzly-sized oven mitts might look ridiculous, but they're actually quite functional. The bear paw design is made to fully protect hands from hot pots, pans, and oven racks to ensure not only your fingers stay safe, but all the way past your wrists too. They're made with insulated cotton and heat-resistant silicone, ensuring that you feel cozy and protected.

10. This Tie Dye Sports Bra That Also Comes In Solid Colors

This tie-dye sports bra is a big hit for a number of reasons. First, it's tie dye. Second, it's made with nylon and spandex — which creates a comfortable fit that feels supportive but never restrictive. Third, it's moisture-wicking, so you'll keep cool and dry as you're working out. Available sizes: XS-3X

11. An Inflated Lantern That's Great For Adventures In The Great Outdoors

Why carry around delicate glass lanterns when you can illuminate your outdoor space with this inflatable solar light? The durable design is powered by the sun, so no need to carry extra batteries either. What's more, it comes with four different modes, offering low, medium, high, and flashing options.

12. An Easy-To-Install Lock That Keeps You Safe And Secure Wherever, Whenever

Whether you're looking to add a little extra security to your home or want to be prepared when you travel, this portable door lock will come in handy. It installs without any tools and can be used on everything from home doors to hotel doors, making it a must for just about everyone. And with nearly 1,400 glowing reviews, it's a security product you can have faith in.

13. A Notepad You Can Use In The Shower

Sometimes people have their very best thoughts when there's not a pen or paper in sight. After all, how many times have you been in the shower mulling over a genius idea only to step out and totally forget? To help stay on top of your stellar thoughts, buy one of these waterproof note pads. It's made with special paper and a matching pencil to doodle thoughts without fear of them rinsing away.

14. This Multi-Use Moisturizer That Has Over 5,000 Glowing Reviews

This cult-favorite all-purpose cream is beloved by more than 6,000 Amazon shoppers. It's renowned for its ability to hydrate skin while reducing inflammation and itchiness. One shopper wrote: "After only two weeks of using this cream, the results were simply amazing. Most of the redness is gone and flare ups are rare. Dry patches have also subsided and he doesn't mind the minty scent at all."

15. A Beauty Cap That Helps Speed Up Hair Drying

Looking to curl your hair in record time? This deluxe hair dryer attachment will help get the job done. It comes with an adjustable chin strap and side fitting draw string to keep the gadget in place. Simply place it over your rollers, attach it to your dryer, and let the ventilated design get to work. One reviewer wrote: "I'm natural and most of my styles I let air dry or sleep on and may possibly need some light controlled heat from the blow dryer. While that works, sometimes you don't have all day to be fooling around with a blow dryer. This was just what I needed and works great for helping my deep conditioner penetrate my hair."

16. This Cooling Shaving Creams That Prevents Against Razor Burn

This cooling shaving cream will quickly become a staple in your shower. Whether you use it on your face, legs, or bikini area, you can look forward to a chilly soothing sensation that helps prevent razor burn and redness while helping you achieve your closest shave yet.

17. The Portable Steamer That Helps Remove Wrinkles On-The-Go

Never wear another wrinkled garment again. This portable clothing steamer is 100 percent leak-proof, so you never have to worry about water dripping onto your clothes. What's more, it comes with two extra brush heads so that you can tend to all fabric types, including cotton, wool, linen, woolen, fiber, and silk.

18. An Innovative Belt That Helps Improve Posture

Tired of always slouching? Perhaps telling yourself to sit up straight isn't working quite as well as you had hoped. To give yourself a boost, buy one of these Shark Tank-approved posture belts. The supportive design hooks around your back and knees to promote better posture wherever, whenever.

19. The Shoe Rack That Will Put Your Favorite Flats, Sneakers, And Heels On Display

Own a million shoes with no place to put them? Welcome to my life. To help keep your closet from looking cluttered AF, invest in one of these adjustable revolving shoe racks. Each tier holds six pairs of shoes, meaning you can easily organize 24 pairs in one easy-to-access way.

20.This Handy Gadget To Help You Cut Your Own Hair

No time to head to the salon? No worries. this innovative hair cutting tool helps you achieve straight lines all by yourself. Simply clip it in place, trim your ends, and boom. There's even a level on the tool to ensure that your snips are totally even.

21. This Tea Infuser That's Effective As It Is Adorable

If you love loose leaf tea but hate the hassle of brewing it, it's time to buy one of these adorable sloth tea infusers. It's designed to house your favorite tea in a fun and functional way that creates your perfect brew. After use, simply dump the leaves and rinse with water: No need to pop it in the dishwasher.

22. This Apple Peeler That Will Make You Feel Like A Chef

Never spend too much time peeling apples again. This stainless steel apple peeler and corer will take the work out of cooking your favorite fruity dishes — simply clip your apple in place and twist your way to peeled, sliced, and cored perfection.

23. The Padded Foot Sleeves That Provide Extra Arch Support

Need a little extra arch support but don't want to wear sneakers each and every day? These compression arch support sleeves can be worn with just about any shoe for added comfort with every step. One reviewer wrote: "These are wonderful. They are very comfortable, provide excellent support and do not make my shoes feel tight at all. Highly recommend!"

24. These Best-Selling Earbuds That Have Over 30,000 Four-Star Reviews (Yes, Really)

With over 30,000 shoppers offering stellar reviews, it's safe to say these Bluetooth headphones are a done deal for anyone looking for wireless audio. They radiate true HD high-fidelity sound, making them a stellar choice for anyone who loves music, podcasts, or streaming videos. Most notably, they have an unbeatable battery, offering up to eight hours of audio per charge.

25. The Handy Sand Coasters That Ensure Your Drink Stays Upright At The Beach

If you're heading to the beach soon, you might want to stock up on these innovative sand drink holders. The durable design digs into sand to create a balanced place to store your drinks. You can buy four of the same color (there are a dozen to choose from) or opt for an assorted pack to add a rainbow of color to your sandy day fun.

26. The Turbo Brush That Helps Clean Everything From Bikes To Engines

Instead of putting your back into whatever you're cleaning, simply flip the switch on this premium water-powered turbine cleaning brush. Simply clip it onto your hose and watch as the water alone turns the head into a hefty cleaning machine. You can use it on indoor surfaces, cars, bikes, grills, and more.

27. These Gripper Clips That Make Getting Hot Pans Out Of Instant Pots Easier (And Safer) Than Ever

InstantPot fanatics and cooking lovers alike will love these hot pan gripper clips. They're designed with grippy silicone pads and durable handles to help easily lift pots and pans. Over 500 shoppers agree that they're a must for practically any kitchen.

28. An Insulated Can Cooler That Keeps Drinks Cold

Warm White Claw? No thanks. To keep your favorite canned drink nice and cool, pop it into one of these stainless steel insulated can coolers. While you might be privy to traditional coozies, this double-walled insulator will keep your bev 20 times cooler. Plus, they come in 14 colors so you can pick the ones you're most drawn to (Spoiler: I have the Glitter Mermaid).

29. These Stick-On Lights That Can Illuminate Everything From Your Closet To Your Pantry

Tired of not having enough light in your living space? These stick-on wall lights will help remedy the situation. The battery-operated design lets you add a burst of light to any room or closet, regardless of whether or not there's an outlet to accommodate. Simply stick the light of your choice (they come in warm white and regular white light) to the wall and press down to adjust how dim you want it to be.

30. A Kettle That Collapses In On Itself For Easy Storing

This dual-voltage collapsible kettle is great for anyone who loves hot water and likes to travel. It's made with a concealed heating element which helps it generate heat without getting rusty. What's more, since it folds in on itself, it's easy to pack when not in use.

31. This Cast Iron Pizza Pan That Has Nearly 2,000 Great Reviews

Why order takeout when you can turn yourself into your very own pizza chef? All you need is this cast iron pizza pan and the ingredients of your choice. The pan is the true game-changer though. It's pre-seasoned with vegetable oil formula, which makes it ready for immediate, non-stick use.

32. This Little Floaty That Saves Animals From Drowning In The Pool

Don't let your little frog and salamander friends drown in your pool. Instead, put one of these animal-saving escape ramps in your pool. It will give your favorite critters a leg up in hopping out of the pool and away from danger.

33. A Scan-Proof Travel Wallet That Keeps Your Cards And Tickets Safe From Thieves

Heading on a vacation any time soon? Make sure you have one of these travel wallets on hand. The best-selling accessory is made with RFID-blocking technology to ensure that thieves can't scan your bank cards and I.D.s. The wristlet design is available in six colors.

34. These Pasties That Have A Comfortable Adhesive On The Back

Planning to wear a backless dress or a low-cut top? You'll love these silicone nipple covers. They're designed to provide support when you're wearing something that you'd prefer to not wear a bra with — and they're washable and reusable, too. This particular version works with A to C cups.

35. The Shaving Cream That's Made With Caffeine

This caffeinated shaving cream is about to become your new beauty BFF. It's designed to thwart redness and irritation associated with shaving by cooling skin on contact. And since it's made with caffeine, it helps tighten your pores post-shave, ensuring that everything looks even-toned.

36. A Waffle Knit Tank Top That's Earned Nearly 500 Five-Star Reviews

Hundreds of shoppers agree: This waffle-knit tank top is so cozy you'll want to live in it. It's renowned for it's super soft material and long hem, both of which pair comfortable with leggings and bike shorts, as well as jeans. It's available in 19 colors and comes with a chic knot twist at the front hip. Available sizes: S-XXL

37. This Innovative Toilet Attachment That Transforms Your Loo Into A Fancy Bidet

Ready to feel fancy AF? This toilet add-on will turn your traditional lavatory into a French-inspired bidet. The attachment clips onto the rim of your toilet and is made with a high-pressure faucet that rinses you off for an extra-fresh feeling.

38. A Silicone Glove That Makes Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes A Cinch

This textured silicone makeup brush cleaner mitt will change the way you tend to your beauty routine. While rinsing your brushes is usually quite the hassle, this mitt makes it easier than ever with its ridged design that helps get built-up makeup out of even the finest bristles. Simply squeeze some makeup brush soap in the center of the mitt and cup your brush bristles for a quick and easy cleanse.

39. This Gel Face Mask That Can Be Heated Or Cooled For Facial Relief

Whether you're traveling, staying in, feeling stressed, or even have a headache, this gel bead facial mask is a must. It's designed to be heated or cooled for a soothing effect that can reduce stress and inflammation and promote peace and comfort. Wear it on its own or over top your favorite face mask for even more of an effect.

40. These Stretchy Shoes That Are Great For Travel Days

Last but not least, these stretchy slip-on shoes are so comfortable the Internet has deemed them a four-star buy. The knitted silhouette is sold in 23 different colors, all of which are easy to pull on and off. Despite their convenient design, you don't ever have to worry about them accidentally slipping off your feet while working out or running from gate to gate. Available sizes: 5-13 Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.