Etsy's Best Gifts For 2019 Graduates Really Personalize Your Congratulations

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Graduation is a time filled with congratulations and celebrations. Whether you're saying farewell to high school or taking that big step into adulthood from college, graduates deserve all the praise coming their way. What better way to show the grads in your life just how excited you are than with Etsy's best gifts for grads 2019?

For such a monumental moment, you want to gift something incredibly special. You could go for a cute card or teddy bear wearing a cap and gown, but if you want something unique, Etsy has you covered. It's the perfect spot to find gifts for everyone you love. Not only are a lot of the gifts on Etsy handmade, but you can also get them personalized for whomever you're celebrating. That's why Etsy's top picks for grads this year are giving me major shopping inspiration.

Etsy's unique gifts are exactly the kind of attention the grad in your life deserves. They've worked hard these past few years, and have spent many long nights studying in the library. Other than being handed that degree, you can hand them any of these six items that celebrate their hard work.

If you're the one who's graduating, you might want to add any of these to your wish list for friends and family, or even treat yourself. Either way, I want to say con-grad-ulations, and party on.

A Little Post-Grad Encouragement

Pins are always great gift ideas. They look fab on any jean jacket or backpack to add that instant flair. This encouraging tiger saying, "Go Get 'Em" fits in perfectly with the graduation theme, and if you want to get a little something sweet for everyone in your squad, this cute pin fits the bill.

Jewelry That's One-Of-A-Kind

When it comes to finding unique gifts, Etsy is the place to go. There are fun items that allow you to put your face or name on them, but something like this bracelet is really special. Write out an encouraging note to your friend, and get it engraved on jewelry for them to wear forever. (That's the definition of cool, and I need one ASAP.)

A Card That's So Cute, The Grad In Your Life Will Want To Frame It

Cards are a good way to go when you're unsure of what to gift your friend. Sure, this might seem like a simple idea, but a good card goes a long way. Besides, you can always stick a gift card to their favorite café in there as well.

Your friend will know how much effort you put into the present by the thoughtful note you leave inside. Plus, with a design like this one, your friend can even frame their card as a keepsake.

A Personalized Card They'll Cherish Forever

Time and time again, Etsy crushes it with the personalization game. Not only are you giving your friend a sweet card, but this one comes with a banner with their name on it. That's taking a beloved tradition, and bringing it to the next level.

A Pouch That's Inspiring And Cute

If you're looking for a gift your friend will get a lot of use out of, this pencil/makeup pouch is the way to go. Not only does it stick with the graduation theme with an encouraging "You Go Girl," but it can be used to hold pencils or makeup.

A Cool Luggage Tag For Post-Grad Adventures

For the graduate who has a major case of wanderlust, you can expect them to jet-set someplace on their bucket list the minute they're handed their degree. For all of their amazing travels, they'll need a cool luggage tag. Not only is this one Instagram-worthy, but you can also personalize it with a special message or just their name.

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