Essie Just Released *21* New Shades For The Summer, All Inspired By The Great Outdoors


I'm a total nail polish freak and have a shoebox full of little bottles that span every color of the rainbow. And yet, Essie's summer 2019 collections collectively offer a range of polishes that I'm still dying to get my hands (and fingertips) on. Yes, you read that right — Essie's summer collection isn't composed of just one pack of polishes but is instead split into three complementary sets, which together stack up to 21 different hues. Each set boasts its own vibe thanks to glitter, metallic shimmer, and color range, yet they're all inspired by "warm weather, outdoor adventures, nature's natural beauty, and the earth's layers," as explained in a press release from the brand. Nature lovers, this one's for you.

The so-called "summer trilogy" spans across Essie's regular polish and gel couture offerings so you'll be able to indulge in one of them no matter what kind of shellac you typically prefer. The regular polishes are all priced at $9, while the gel couture offerings are $11.50. Seeing as the latter type boasts long lasting wear, it's more than worth the few extra bucks. Take a look at all three collections below and see which one you're naturally drawn to.

Gel Couture Sunrush Metals Collection ($11.50)

Defined by shimmery metallic polishes that boast warm undertones, this collection brings images of sun soaked days to mind. It includes Sunrush Metal, a metallic coral; Steel the Show, a champagne gold; What's Gold is New, a penny copper; Sun-day Style, a burnished bronze; In My Element, a shiny violet; and Sequ-in The Know, a polished pink. If you like nails that boast a shiny kick but aren't necessarily flecked with chunky pieces of glitter, this range is the one for you.

Rocky Rose Collection ($9)

This range of hues also boasts a warm color range, but it comes without a hint of shimmer or shine. I typically stick to regular opaque hues, so I have a feeling I'll be buying a few polishes from this pack. It includes Come Out to Clay, a sandy pink; Around the Bend, a yellow-toned pink; Set in Sandstone, a sun-washed coral; Cliff Hanger, a nutty brown; Into the A-bliss, a dusty mauve; Rocky Rose, a warm clay; No Shade Here, a fuchsia sunset; Yes I Canyon, a burnt orange; and Bed Rock & Roll, a deep redwood.

Gorge-ous Geodes Collection ($9)

And finally, this pack is for my glitter lovers! The Gorgeous Geodes pack is inspired by some of nature's most beautiful crystalline miracles, so if you also obsess over the gem room in every natural history museum you're going to love it. It includes Rock Your Worlds, a shining silver; Semi-Precious Tones, a glitzy champagne; You're A Gem, a sparkling mauve-brown; Gorge-ous Geodes, a coppered coral; Of Quartz, a slimmering purple sand; and Stop, Look & Glisten, a shimmering charcoal.

No matter which pack you dig the most, there's a hue within it that will undoubtedly take your summer look to new heights.