Eric on A Million Little Things

'A Million Little Things' Revealed Eric's True Identity & I'm Shook


As soon as Eric made his first appearance on A Million Little Things, it was clear he would shake things up. He showed up in Season 2 Episode 2 with some sort of mysterious connection to Maggie's mom Patricia. Two episodes later, Eric's true identity in A Million Little Things was finally revealed, and Maggie is going to be dealing with the fallout for a long time. Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 4 follow.

Maggie (Allison Miller) has always had a difficult relationship with her mom Patricia (Melora Hardin), and the latest drama with Eric (Jason Ritter) is not helping them build any bridges. Maggie grew up feeling like her brother Chad was her mom's favorite, and even after his death in a car accident, Maggie still felt like her mom didn't care all that much about her. That feeling intensified when Maggie realized Patricia's latest visit to Boston wasn't only to visit Maggie; it was also to visit Eric.

Tensions between Maggie and Patricia rose even more at the beginning of Episode 4, "The Perfect Storm." That's when Patricia brought Eric with her to Maggie's house for breakfast. Maggie confronted them about their relationship, assuming they were a couple, but that was not actually the case. It turns out, as Maggie learned abruptly, Eric is actually the man who received her brother's heart after he died.


Maggie had been told Chad died instantly in his car accident, but when she learned the truth about Eric, she also learned Chad was actually still alive when he was brought to the hospital. He died shortly after, but Patricia was able to say goodbye to him. She lied about all this before because she didn't want Maggie or Maggie's father to feel even more loss than they already did. However, that reasoning did not make Maggie feel any better about her mom's lies, or about her mom's closeness with Eric.

After Maggie learned the truth, she went for a lonely walk in the rain. Eric found her on her walk and convinced her to see her mom before Patricia left Boston. Maggie did, but that actually only made things worse, because that's when Maggie discovered Patricia's trip to Boston during Maggie's most recent surgery was actually a trip for her to see Eric.

Patricia found comfort in Eric after Chad's death. But Maggie only saw their connection as more evidence that Patricia is continuing to put Chad (or, in this case, his heart) above her own daughter. But, luckily for Maggie, Eric seems to be around to provide comfort for her, too. At the end of the episode, he sent Maggie a text message saying he's around for her if she ever wants to talk again. So, even though Maggie said goodbye to her mom, it looks like Eric might be sticking around in her life a little bit longer.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Oct. 24, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.