Emma Stone & Cecily Strong Are All Of Us Trying To Introduce BTS In This 'SNL' Promo


No matter how old they are, nothing is purer than the love people have for boy bands. Current phenomenon BTS has captured thousands of fans' hearts since the band developed more of a worldwide presence in recent years, and it turns out that even the funny and famous aren't immune to their charms. Emma Stone and BTS' SNL promo is proof that Stone and the cast are just as excited as the rest of us about the group's performance.

On April 13, Stone returns to host Saturday Night Live for the fourth time alongside musical guest BTS. She might be an old pro at hosting, but Stone's promos for the episode hint that the thrill of working alongside the South Korean boy band at Studio 8H is particularly palpable. Capturing the moods of basically anyone watching, Stone and SNL cast member Cecily Strong made their status as BTS Army members crystal clear.

In one clip of the series of ads, Stone believes a shaky Strong is starstruck by her presence, but the comedian is actually obsessing over the seven members of BTS surrounding them. In another promo, both Stone and Strong are fully aware of the star power they're amidst. "I'm flipping out on the inside," Strong whispers to Stone.

"I know, BTS is all around us," Stone says. "Let's try to keep it together."

Of course, it only takes one enthusiastic group greeting from BTS to send the women into tears. Same, ladies, same.

It turns out that Stone is a major fan of K-pop IRL, and while her excitement is definitely relatable, the way that SNL chose to represent the band's fandom didn't sit totally well with the BTS Army. In another episode promo, Stone and several female SNL cast members appeared to personify stereotypical, obsessive tween fans as they anticipated the band's Saturday night performance.

While adoring toward the band, the ad stirred some controversy among BTS' fanbase for not focusing on the actual depth and diversity of the band's followers and falling back on longtime stereotypes of boy band fans. But even while critiquing the promo's structure, the Army stayed relatively positive, giving us yet another reason to love BTS and what the group promote among their fans.

Ahead of the group's live appearance on the sketch show, BTS reportedly bought pizza for fans in line for tickets to the episode taping. Fans waiting for access to the SNL studio even had new BTS tunes to pass the time with — the band's sixth EP, Map of the Soul: Persona, was released on April 12. Watch out for the possibility of some of these new tracks being performed on SNL!

Per SNL's standards, the band will likely perform twice throughout the course of the episode. Given their massive popularity, there could even be a chance that the seven guys make a cameo in a skit, an honor usually reserved for the most well-known musical guests. We'll have to wait and see, but based on its solo promo, it looks like the band is pumped for the opportunity.

The Emma Stone-BTS episode of Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. ET, Saturday, April 13, on NBC.