This Girl Matched With Both A LaCroix Thief & The Victim On Tinder & It's Amazing

by Korey Lane
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's really nothing quite like a good Tinder story, is there? Whether you're laughing at a ridiculously amazing pickup line or marveling at your best friend's true love story, the app has brought a lot of quality content into the world since it's inception. And now, a new Tinder story has taken the world (or the internet, at least) by storm, and it's for an amazing reason. A certain Emily on Tinder matched with both a LaCroix thief and victim, and the whole thing is honestly kismet. Emily took to Twitter to explain how it all went down. It turns out that her casual Tinder banter with two matches led to an amazing bromance and a epic tale.

According to Emily's tweet on Dec. 17, she was chatting it up with some people on the dating app and uncovered that two of the guys she was talking to were connected through a case of LaCroix and some incredible timing. While Emily was messaging both guys, her match Drew was walking outside and stumbled upon a case of LaCroix just sitting there. Naturally, he grabbed it, and told Emily he couldn't believe his luck. Soon after, Raymond, the other person Emily was messaging, told her that his newly purchased beverages had been stolen.

Emily quickly connected the dots and got confirmation that Drew had in fact accidentally stolen Raymond's LaCroix. "By literally random chance, Drew had found the case of LaCroix while texting me," Emily told Bustle. "And if I hadn’t asked Raymond how he was doing that night, I would’ve never found him!" It's incredible that Emily was talking to both Drew and Raymond, but that's not where the story ends.

"I let both guys know that I was talking to both of them, and neither could believe me because it sounded too crazy to be true," she told Bustle, adding that Drew had told her he felt guilty about the whole thing and wanted to return the drinks to their original owner. So, Emily hatched a plan of her own, telling Raymond to go back outside, "But I didn’t tell him Drew’s name because I didn’t want to rat out my new friend," she explained to Bustle, also telling Drew to head over.

Soon, the two guys met up, and quickly formed a friendship. "Raymond had added me on Snapchat for updates, and that’s when I received the video that the two met up, and instantly became friends," Emily told Bustle. "They even hung out again last night because they live so close!"

While the two might be friends, there's something obvious looming over them. "I'd say there’s something of a bromance there, but the knowledge of an imminent battle for a date with Emily is definitely preventing said bromance from actualizing," Raymond told Bustle. So, don't get your hopes up too soon, because it appears as if the two guys are both really wanting to take things further with Emily, who isn't sure where this adventure will lead her next. "I can’t decide which one I like better," she told Bustle of her dating pool. "They both are really cute!"

Who knew that some casual Tinder swiping and LaCroix-sipping could lead to such an epic tale? Either way, no matter who she picks (or if she doesn't pick anyone!), a new friendship was born, and another incredible Tinder story is in the books. Truly, a holiday miracle.