Elite Daily's 'Backseat Blind Date' Video Series Will Take You On A Wild, Romantic Ride

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I have a confession to make: I've never been on a blind date. Never. Not once. I'm a generally anxious person, and the fear of the unknown is just too much for me. However, if somebody had suggested going on a blind date while I was being driven somewhere I need to go, while having the opportunity to win some cold, hard cash, I probably would have gone on at least 50 a long time ago (mostly because I like multi-tasking and money). Enter: Elite Daily's latest video series, Backseat Blind Date.

If you thought I was kidding about a blind date on which you can win real live money while being chauffeured around, think again. This new Elite Daily original series brings two people who've never met before together in the backseat of a car, along with host and driver extraordinaire, Alex Berg. Because if there's anything better than the prospect of going on this kind of date itself, it's watching other people go on this date.

The first episode of the series features 22-year-old Nneka on a blind date with 22-year-old Hugh. Essentially, the two have until they reach their destination for their mini "blind date." Now, you might be thinking that isn't a lot of time to have a solid date and get to know someone. And you would be right, I guess. But come on! We've all got places to go and people to see! This is peak dating efficiency at its finest. Don't @ me.

In Backseat Blind Date, time is literally money. For Nneka and Hugh to determine whether or not they're initially compatible with each other in a short amount of time, the two participate in a couple of "challenges" to see how much they have in common and how well they can work together as a team. In doing so, they can win real money to put toward a full-length date after their blind date ends. Buuuuuut if they're not feeling each other? Well, not all is lost. They can still split their winnings and go their separate ways.

The challenges Nneka and Hugh conquer on this episode truly put their compatibility and teamwork to the test. In the first challenge, "This Or That?" the two choose which options they prefer out of the two given to them (i.e. "chocolate or vanilla" or "morning or night"), and they win money for every matching answer they have. In the second challenge, "Backseat Ball," the two must work together to shoot and catch as many small basketballs in a basket as they can — while the car is moving. And for every basket they make, Nneka and Hugh score more money in their growing date pot. Let's just say, for for these two lovebirds, opposites attract and Nneka must've played basketball at some point in her life. As for whether or not Nneka and Hugh put their winnings toward another date or peace TF outta that car, never to see each other again? Well, you'll have to watch the video for yourself.

As Backseat Blind Date continues, you'll be exposed to even more complete strangers' first meetings, even more challenges, even more ~surprise twists~, and who knows? Maybe (hopefully!) even some successful love stories, or at the very least, some good stories in general. So the next time you call a car service, prepare yourself. You might think you're sliding into an empty backseat. But that backseat could be Backseat Blind Date. Who knew that in 2018, you wouldn't even need to leave your car to potentially meet the love of your life?

Catch new episodes of Backseat Blind Date every Tuesday on Elite Daily.