The 5 Awkward Thoughts Every Introvert Has Before Going On A Blind Date

by Zoya Gervis
Simone Becchetti

As introverts, we're comfortable being alone. However, meeting people becomes an obstacle when all you do is sit on the couch with your adopted dog and binge-watch "Girls."

As a result, we're often single and have trouble dating. The struggle becomes even more real when we get set up on a blind date and have to leave our house for a virtual stranger, of all things.

If you're reading this alone in your sweats, then you can probably relate to the thoughts we all have before going on a blind date.

1. "I hope he doesn't want to go to a club."

We all know a first date is riddled with anxiety. However, a blind date for an introvert can be a very overwhelming experience. In fact, if given the opportunity, we may just flake because of our anxiety.

Instead of succumbing to the crippling fear, take a risk on that blind date. You never know what you may discover.

2. "I should just cancel."

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Making plans is an exhausting process for any introvert. Committing to leaving our comfort zones is quite a feat in and of itself, so therefore, our first instinct is to retreat.

Instead of coming up with some lame excuse as to why you shouldn't go, challenge yourself to be uncomfortable.

Go out there and show the world what you've got because you really are amazing and your cat shouldn't be the only person who gets to experience the amazing you.

3. "I still think I should get out of this."

Blind dates are nerve-racking. You have no idea what this person looks like. As you continue to get ready, your mind is racing with worst-case-scenario thoughts. What if the whole experience is uncomfortable? What if he's a jerk? What if he wants a kiss and you're not feeling it?

All these thoughts are likely to run through your head, and they are all valid. However, instead of thinking about worst-case-scenarios, think about how right the date could go. In fact, it could be the last first date you go on! Let that one sink in!

4. "But I'm awkward."


Blind dates have a reputation for being awkward, but this is actually a perk for any introvert. Since blind dates tend to be awkward, you can easily blame any perceived awkwardness as a result of the blind date situation.

Instead of only having in-depth conversations with the pizza delivery guy, grow your circle to include some random person a friend of a friend thinks would be perfect for you.

5. "But I just really don't want to dress up."

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This is probably the laziest excuse an introvert can come up with. Yes, no pants is always better than pants. However, we all have to get up every day and face the world in clothes.

So come on -- throw on your most comfortable jeans and oversized shirt and go on that blind date. In fact, consider a coffee date instead of a sit-down dinner. You can make the blind date experience less intimidating if you choose to do things that provide comfort for you.

In the end, you're just looking for the right person. Regardless of how introverted you may be, taking the first step toward finding your person requires you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and embark on a few blind dates.

Then, once you find that person, you can binge-watch Netflix with your dog and no pants on, just like you're doing right now, except you'll have someone else to share the couch with.