Eggo Just Released A Chocolate-Stuffed Waffle & My Childhood Self Is Screaming

Eggo waffles are having a moment, especially now that Eggo's Double Chocolatey Thick and Fluffy waffles promise double the chocolate for double the flavor. While the frozen waffles were a breakfast mainstay during my childhood, I almost forgot about the nostalgic frozen aisle treat until Stranger Things brought back everyone's obsession with all things Eggo (I'm still scratching my head over those Leggo My Eggo Bath Bombs, TBH). Anyway, Eggo's newest waffles will definitely have you making up for lost time, especially if you have a sweet tooth. My advice? Don't l'eggo of your Eggos, because you're definitely not going to want to share the new chocolate chip-stuffed version with anybody.

On June 28, the frozen waffle company first revealed that my favorite freezer staple had a sweet new offering that's geared specifically towards chocolate lovers, and it sounds so indulgent. According to the press release, Eggo's Double Chocolatey Thick and Fluffy waffles "[offer] a rich chocolatey waffle infused with cocoa and scrumptious chocolatey chips." Like, how amazing does that sound? It's basically dessert in waffle form and it's completely acceptable to consume it for breakfast. I'm definitely not complaining. Plus, for less than $3 ($2.78 at Walmart, to be exact) for six of the bad boys, Eggo's Double Chocolatey Thick and Fluffy waffles are a serious steal that'll make your mornings a whole lot better.

In addition to the delicious chocolate overload, three of Eggo's beloved Thick & Fluffy Belgium-Style waffles are getting a batter makeover as well. Per the press release, Eggo's recipe for their original Belgium-Style waffles has changed for the better, and the new and improved fluffy versions are now in grocery store freezer aisles around the country. For example, if you've always found yourself gravitating towards the OG Begium-Style Eggos, the company promises that the recipe has been tweaked with "real vanilla extract from vanilla beans grown in Madagascar for an upgraded, more indulgent taste." It's like the Eggos you remember from your childhood, but so much better.

Personally, I always had a soft spot for the Blueberry Eggos, and I was happy to see that the new Belgium style recipe is "Bursting with extra, richer blueberry flavor and an added hint of lemon zest." In addition, there's a Cinnamon Brown Sugar variety, now with added cinnamon flavor that I'm assuming tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in waffle form.

"The new, fun flavor upgrades to our beloved Eggo Thick & Fluffy Waffles will provide the ultimate deliciously indulgent experience for waffle lovers nationwide," Dick Podiak, Kellogg's Vice President, Marketing and Innovation of Frozen Foods, said in the press statement. "They are the fluffiest waffles that are just too good not to share..."

Well, I'm not so sure about that. Sharing these doughy delights sounds like a pretty tall order, TBH, but I'll definitely be making a trip to my grocery store ASAP. Something tells me Eleven would be doing the same thing, and maybe picking up a few boxes while she's at it.

If you're still on the fence about Eggo's new flavor, don't just take my word for it. If the Twitterverse is anything to go by, Eggo's chocolate chip waffles are helping us all live our best lives.

Honestly, how did I even get through childhood without this flavor? How did it take so long for the Eggo scientists to realize that we need this double chocolate-stuffed deliciousness in our lives? Eggo's Double Chocolatey Thick and Fluffy waffles might not have been around while I was growing up, but you can be sure I'll be making up for all the lost time this weekend. Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? Asking for a friend.