EFFEN Just Released A Rosé-Flavored Vodka For A Boozy Twist In Time For Patio Season

It's finally starting to warm up, y'all, which means that we're just a few months away from living life with rosé-tinted glasses. If you're in the market for a boozier option to try this summer with the flavors of rosé that you know and love, you'll want to try EFFEN Vodka's new Rosé and Yuzu Citrus flavors for a twist on your favorite summertime sips. Patio season, get ready to meet the rosé and citrus-infused vodka mashups you've been waiting for.

On Wednesday, April 10, EFFEN Vodka revealed via a press release that it's rolling out two new boozy beverages inspired by the ubiquitous summer flavors of Rosé and Yuzu Citrus. With patio season right around the corner and countless warm weather dranks to partake in, the company's newest offerings promise to be the perfect libation to pair with your mixer of choice.

EFFEN Rosé immediately caught my eye, because who doesn't want to rosé all day? There's just something about bubbly pink wine that makes me think of summer. Unlike the name suggests, however, this boozy version is not actually made with any wine, so you're getting a full 75 proof vodka with a crispy and clean flavors of a pink wine.

Per an EFFEN Vodka rep, these sips combine "classic rosé notes with accents of vanilla and honey to deliver a similar, delicious taste using natural flavors." Just one thing to keep in mind: You're drinking glasses of flavored vodka, not actual wine, so EFFEN recommends serving the beverage with soda or sparkling wine and pacing yourself if you're actually trying to rosé all day.

Courtesy of EFFEN Vodka

EFFEN Vodka's Yuzu Citrus is another refreshing option with hints of fruit and citrus. It's inspired by a yuzu, which is a Japanese fruit described as a "combination of lemon and grapefruit," and again, EFFEN's take is a 75-proof beverage that features "slight sweetness with herbal and fruity tones balanced with grapefruit zest." Per the press release, the mixologists behind the drink recommend consuming it either neat or with a grapefruit club soda as a mixer.

Instead of a wine base, both EFFEN Rosé and Yuzu Citrus are crafted from that of any EFFEN Vodka ( 100 percent premium wheat from Northern France) and they do not contain any added sugar or artificial flavors, per the press release. So, even though EFFEN's two delicious new offerings sound dangerously easy to drink, you'll want to drink responsibly and pace yourself as with any hard alcohol.

Clement Reid, Marketing Director at Beam Suntory, said in the press release:

Both EFFEN Rosé and EFFEN Yuzu Citrus will bring dynamic taste profiles into the vodka category, from Yuzu's Japanese-inspired roots to Rosé's innovative spin on traditional rosé wine. We're excited to bring these new offerings to vodka lovers everywhere.
Courtesy of EFFEN Vodka

With the weather warming up now, an EFFEN Vodka rep confirmed to Elite Daily that the company has already started rolling out their new summer-forward 750 mL options at stores nationwide for $21.99. Summer may still be a few months away, but there's no reason not to make the countdown to patio season a little sweeter by grabbing a bottle this weekend and experimenting with some tasty cocktails. Cheers!