Here's How To Make An iPhone 8 Costume That'll Upgrade Your Halloween Look

by Brenda Santana
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It is finally October, which means the spookiest time of the year is nearly here. Many will resort to purchasing ready-to-wear Halloween costumes from a bag, but come on, we all know there is nothing more original (and satisfying) than putting your own costume together and having everyone compliment you for it. If you want a pop culture-inspired costume, look no further than a getup inspired by the long-awaited iPhone 8. If you are looking for easy iPhone 8 costume ideas, then keep reading.

You're going to need poster board.

To make the rectangular shape phone itself, you are going to need two sheets of poster board, preferably black to keep things simple (but you can paint the board whatever iPhone 8 color you choose, which include space gray, silver, and gold). You can easily pick up poster board at your local craft store, or you can can order a 25-pack on Amazon for $19.26 if you're planning to make your entire family iPhone costumes.

Now, you are going to make a type of vest out of the two boards by using ribbon to hold the two pieces together. Make a ribbon with the fabric of your choice that you can pick at your nearest craft store, or order on Amazon for about 5 bucks.

Cut the two pieces of ribbon — depending on how tall you are or how low on your body you want the poster board to fit — and tape or glue each corner of the ribbon to each poster board. Once you've made your vest, try it on and make sure it fits comfortably before you move onto decorating your iPhone 8 costume.

Now that everything fits, you are ready to decorate. Starting on the front of the phone, choose the screen you want to create. My suggestion would be to make your screen easily identifiable. To do this, you can mimic the control center used on iPhone 8 (and iOS 11). See an example below.

You can always draw the customizable control center by hand, or you can Google "Customizable Control Center iPhone 8", and look what images are available. Then, enlarge the image and print it out. Drawing or painting these features onto your board by hand doesn't seem too hard, but it's always easier when you just print it out and glue it on.

Look at that! You are almost done making your iPhone 8 costume, and all you have left is the back of the phone. To make the back of the iPhone 8, start by drawing the horizontal oval-type camera that you will find on the upper left-hand side of the back of the phone. And to top your costume off, don't forget to draw or glue on the iconic bitten apple that lets the world know you have an authentic Apple product.

I'm certain you will win just about any Halloween costume contest dressed up as an iPhone 8, but if you don't want to go through all of the trouble of making such an elaborate costume, you can always make an easier one.

That's right: You can take the easy way out by printing eight iPhones and sticking them onto whatever outfit you are wearing. Then, you'll literally be an "I" Phone 8. This is definitely a costume option for the person who left Halloween planning for the last minute, and IDK if it will win you any competitions. However, it will surely be a conversation starter.

Your Halloween costume doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be fun – and there is nothing out there more fun than an elaborate iPhone 8 costume.

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