Hug Me Brotha! Drake Bell Revealed A 'Drake & Josh' Reboot Is "On The Table"


These days, pretty much every beloved show from the millennial generation's childhood is getting a reboot. Lizzie McGuire, Full House, and The Hills are just a few examples of recent reboots that fill fans with nostalgia, and now, it sounds like Drake & Josh may be the next favorite to make a comeback. A revival of the Nickelodeon hit is something that has been talked about for years now, but Drake Bell's quotes about a Drake & Josh reboot in a new interview with People will give fans more hope than ever that they will get to see everyone's favorite mismatched stepbrothers as adults.

Drake & Josh has circled reboot rumors for quite some time now, both because stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck love to reunite and reference their former sitcom, and also because it seems to perfectly fit in with the current trend of bringing back beloved sitcoms from the '90s and '00s. The original series ran for four seasons from 2004 to 2007 on Nickelodeon, and also spawned two TV movies: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood in 2006 and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh in 2008.

In a new interview, Drake Bell told People that Josh Peck has been talking with him about an idea for the reboot, and that it is "a lot closer that it's ever been."

Josh has come up with a really cool idea, we've been talking. But, you know, so many things have to align. If it was just up to me and Josh, that'd be great, because we'd just go, "Hey, alright sweet, let's just start shooting it. Let's get together Monday." But so many things have to come together and happen to make that actually a reality. But I think it's a lot closer than it's ever been. I think I'm OK to say that at least it's on the table. This is a common question and it's been happening for years — "When are you and Josh going to get back together" — and my answer was always, "I don't know, call Josh. I don't know." But now we've at least discussed the possibility of something.

You can hear Drake Bell's full comments on the potential reboot in the video below:

According to Bell, the reason he and Peck haven't yet jumped on the reboot trend is because they wanted to come up with a truly original concept for this new stage in Drake Parker and Josh Nichols' lives. Bell said he did not want it to be some simple progression of continuing the same antics in college, but rather something that's "a little different" to "turn it on its head a little bit." Hmm, OK, I officially have no clue what this potential reboot could look like now.

Although both Bell and Peck still take regular acting roles, in recent years, Bell has focused more on his music career and Peck has gained prominence as a YouTube star. Fans will just have to wait to see if this Drake & Josh reboot manifests into something concrete soon, but it sounds pretty promising!