Dr. Martens' New Platform Glitter Boots Are Equal Parts Punky & Festive

There is no footwear style more important during winter months than boots. They're warm, protective, can stand up to the elements, and, if chosen wisely, are stylish AF. If you've been looking for a new pair of shoes that are both festive and seasonally appropriate, Dr. Martens' glitter boots should absolutely top your list. They're the perfect balance of form and function and boast that stylish edgy flair that the brand is known and loved for. These are boots that will completely make any outfit you pair them with, so go ahead and treat yourself to a pair for the holidays. There's no better time to indulge.

Dr. Martens boots are one of those things that will never go out of style. Converse Chucks, low top Vans, Birkenstock sandals—they all fall into that same category of timeless and classic cool. You can wear Dr. Martens with literally anything to give your look a punky edge, and they're super comfy and sturdy to boot. (Bad pun, had to do it.) For the holidays, the brand revamped their classic silhouette via some super dramatic and dazzling design elements, giving them an entirely new festive look. Did Christmas come early? Because the new style is a total treat.

Featuring a blindingly glittery upper in three seasonal shades, the new iteration of the classic Molly boot is for anyone who wants to add some shine to their step. It comes in three shades—all white, forest green, and black—each of which sparkles like freshly fallen snow.

The boot features an air-cushioned sole, meaning optimal comfort is a given, as well as visible stitching details and an easy-on, easy-off heel loop. No matter which color you choose, it'll come with two lace options, one of which is a satin ribbon for an extra luxurious look.

Stylistically, two things stand out for their exaggerated shape or size. The boot's eyelet's are extra wide, while its sole is extra tall. At the front, it's one and a half inches high while at the heel, it reaches to two inches high. If you're someone who hates having to give up heels because of slippery snow, these boots might be an excellent compromise.

You can shop the boots online right now at At $170 a pair, they're the perfect shoe to splurge on for the season that feel special but still won't break the bank.

If you're into the shimmer but prefer to rock it in sequin form, you're in luck. Dr. Martens released a collection of sequin boots and bags a few weeks ago and they're just as good as the above glittery ones. For carryalls, there's a cross body bag and a backpack, both of which are available in black; and when it comes to shoes, there are black boots and black lace-up brogues. The highlight of the lineup is definitely the rainbow sequin boot—if eye-popping shine is what you're after (what better time to make that your look than the holidays?), that's definitely the style for you.