Dove Cameron Dyed Her Hair Light Purple & I Need To Copy It Now

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When I think of platinum blonde, a select few celebs come to mind: Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera in her "Candyman" era... That said, Disney star Dove Cameron is only 23, and she's already earned a cemented spot in my mind as a bleach blonde queen. Her hair is so pretty, it's already been deemed iconic, which is why Dove Cameron's light purple hair took me by surprise when I saw it on Instagram. Everyone knows how hard it is to achieve a perfect platinum, and if you're not going blonde via a good wig like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters so often do, it's not exactly an easy color to change up on the reg. That said, when I saw Cameron debut a new 'do, I was shook. To be clear, though, it looked amazing, because she's gorg. Girl can pull off anything!

How do I know she can pull off anything, you ask? Um, have you seen her in costume for her role as Mal on Disney's Descendants? She makes a dark purple lob look fierce AF! The vibrant hue should give off cheesy, Hot Topic tween realness, but Cameron makes it cool, and for that, I give her props.

Imagine looking this good with this hair? I stan a purple legend:


When she's not filming, Cameron's hair is always perfectly platinum, usually styled in her signature fluffy, romantic waves:

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All this to say that when she posted this photo showing off a fresh ear piercing, the comments section was far more concerned with Dove's new dye job:

"YOUR HAIR IS PINK!?!?!?!?" one commenter asked, and pretty much everyone echoed the user's shock and awe. "pink haired AND piercing?? we have decided to stan forever," wrote one Instagram user, and I can't help but agree. Apparently, Cameron once said she intended to change up her look before releasing her own music, and a fan applauded her for committing to the change: "You said when you do music you are dying your hair! A woman of her word!!"

"if there's anything more beautiful than dove, it's dove with pink hair #fact," wrote one commenter, but a follow-up video showed Cameron's hair is in fact not pink, but purple:

Purple! We stan a lilac legend! The pastel tone did look pink at first glance, and because the only purple I associate Cameron with is the rich, deep hue of her Descendants wig, I never thought to imagine her with lighter, more lavender strands.

It's very possible she used a temporary, rinse-out tint, so that her platinum stands weren't damaged by a harsh colored dye:

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But still. I mean, I was shook when she switched from platinum to golden blonde that one time, so light purple is a very, very big change:

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Real talk, I want to live in a world where I can pull off as many hair colors as Dove Cameron. She always slays! And while I don't know for sure how long her lavender dye job will last, I hope she takes a lot of selfies to hold us over until she decides to color her strands again. @Disney, can we get a lighter purple wig for Mal on Descendants? Thanks in advance.