Dove Cameron Does This One Thing Every Time She Acts & It'll Blow Your Mind – EXCLUSIVE

by Katie Corvino
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Whether you watch Dove Cameron kick ass on Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, follow her character in the Descendents franchise, or obsess over her show on Disney Channel, you probably know quite a lot about the 22-year-old actress. But what if I told you there's a fun fact about her that you definitely never knew? In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Dove Cameron admits she chews gum in every single scene while acting in your favorite TV shows and movies. Yup, every single scene. Is your mind blown?

The star is currently partnered with Tic Tac Gum and got real about why she loves to chew and play so much. "I've always been a massive fan of Tic Tac," she explains. "They're one of those classic family brands that have been around forever. So much of my childhood was surrounded by Tic Tac — my mother actually had this deep obsession with the original Tic Tac mints in the original mint flavor." The star says she grew up fascinated by Tic Tacs because she always thought they tasted like marshmallows, so she'd call them "marshmallow candies."

"I've always had Tic Tacs in my life, I've always been a Tic Tac girl," she shares. "But mostly, I was really excited when they announced that they were gonna come out with a gum because I'm a gum connoisseur." Cameron admits she's the "mom of the [friend] group" and always has gum on hand. But more than that, Cameron also says she always has it in her mouth... even when she's acting. "I'm obsessed with gum," she tells Elite Daily. "I always have multiple flavors of gum with me. I'm always chewing gum. And this is really unprofessional, but basically every TV show or film that you've seen me in, I have gum in my mouth. That's how much I chew gum. You'll never see it, you could never tell, but it's so funny because I'll be filming a scene and then they'll call 'cut' and you'll see my mouth start moving. I just love gum!"

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BRB, gotta go rewatch every Descendents movie and Liv and Maddie episode to stare at Cameron's mouth.

But ~on a deeper level~, chewing gum and sharing it with your friends and family is all about connecting with others, and that's the real reason Cameron loves this partnership. "I was raised, honestly, in a family where travel and human connection was the pinnacle and center and emphasis in the family," Cameron explains. "So meeting people is not only the best part of my job, because I think this is a very social job that I have, being an actor or performer, but it's also the best part of my life. I think human connection is the most important thing, I think humans are the most important thing in life, and I don't mean that in like, comparison to other things. I just mean as a human, I think empathy and connection is what it means to be human, right?"

Whether it's meeting people who are similar or different from who she is, Dove Cameron values all conversations and appreciates having gum as a "conversation starter." "It's a way to share and open yourself up to a stranger or to a friend," she says. "And I think the more connected you are, the better human you can be. The more love you can spread, the more you can love yourself."

Stuart Ramson/Invision for Tic Tac Gum/AP Images

Cameron often times takes to Twitter to remind her followers to unplug from social media and practice self-love. When asked about why it's such an important message for her to communicate to her fans, Cameron tells Elite Daily, "I think my best form of self-love and the self-love I tend to preach to people and to my fans is to get out of your mind, to stop associating with your thoughts and the things that get projected and the fears and insecurities and the images and everything like that, because we are so inundated with images these days."

As for how Cameron practices self-love? "If I'm really stressed out, I'll turn off all the lights in my apartment," she says. "You can light candles — that sends good messages to your mind. Happy lighting, music, and you can even touch your own skin. Give yourself a scalp massage, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and you can do a miniature, modern version of meditation just through focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind."

"We're very simple creatures," she continues, "and I think we overcomplicate things so much, and I think to get away from overstimulating things and to go back to very simple pleasures like art and music and time with people that you love, that's self-love."

Couldn't have said it better myself.