Dos Toros Is Now Selling Nachos That'll Outshine Your Beloved Burritos

Courtesy of Dos Toros

Go ahead and ask me what my favorite snack is. I won't say pizza and I won't say ice cream. Spoiler alert: I'll say nachos. I've always been pretty obsessed with warm, cheesy, guacamole-topped chips, and it looks like one of my go-to Mexican restaurants is adding them to its menu. That's right: Dos Toros is selling nachos now, and I cannot wait to try them. I'm already a huge fan of Dos Toros burritos, which means I'm bound to be a fan of Dos Toros nachos, right? I don't know about you, but I'm hungry just thinking about the new dish.

If you live near a Dos Toros location in New York City or Chicago, you're in luck. According to the company, the mouth-watering nacho platter became available at all locations on March 12. With that being said, you'll be able to replace your Dos Toros Burrito with a plate full of nachos during your next Dos Toros visit. Heck, you could even buy both of 'em. The more cheese, the better, am I right?

There is a catch, though: Dos Toros nachos won't be featured on the actual menu like the other options at the restaurant. Instead, only those who know about the dish will be able to order them (aka you guys). With that being said, show up fully prepared to order Dos Toros Nachos when you stop by for a bite.

Courtesy of Dos Toros

Now that you know how to order Dos Toros nachos, you're probably wondering what they're made of. TBH, that's totally up to you. Similar to other menu items at the restaurant, Dos Toros nachos can be customized and made daily with the company's fresh ingredients. According to an email from Dos Toros to Elite Daily, the chips start with a layer of "real, melted Monterey Jack cheese" (YUM). Then, more ingredients can be added to them, such as your choice of meat, rice or farro, beans, vegetables, hot sauces, salsa, and sour cream.

Oh! I can't forget about the guac. According to Dos Toros, guac will be $1 extra. Worth it? I think so.

Speaking of prices, let's talk about how much Dos Toros nachos cost. Since they aren't on the company's official menu, you're probably curious about how much money they are (I would be, too). According to Dos Toros, a plate of nachos will start at $8.99.

If you live in New York City, Dos Toros nachos might not come as a surprise. According to the company, the dish was tested at the New York Flatiron test kitchen in February. Since the nachos are available at all Dos Toros restaurants now, I'm going to assume that the test went well.

In order to find a Dos Toros location near you, head to the company's website and hit the "Locations" link in the upper lefthand corner. After doing so, choose which city you're in (New York City or Chicago) and scroll through the location options. Each location should have an address attached to it, so choose one that's close by and enjoy a plate of Dos Toros nachos.