These New Flamin’ Hot Doritos Pack A Big, Flavorful Punch In Every Bite

Courtesy of Frito-Lay

You guys, the chip aisle is about to be lit because Doritos is releasing a brand new flavor that's going to wake up your taste buds. It's not often a new snack comes along that I'm legit excited about, but Doritos' new Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor is something I can get behind. That's because it offers two of my favorite flavor combinations of spicy and cheesy goodness. The new bag o' chips is a nod to the Nacho Cheese Doritos flavor, which is known to be a fan favorite amongst many chip connoisseurs (and myself). If you're already drooling with anticipation, here's what you need to know about Doritos latest chip flavor.

I think it's safe to say that Doritos is really kicking it up a notch with its newest chip flavor. The Flamin' Hot Nacho chip brings together the cheesy goodness of nachos and spicy flavorings. The huge flavor is packed into each chip that will leave you licking your fingertips after every bite. The Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor is similar to the Original Classic Nacho Cheese Doritos, but it's got a bigger and bolder flavor thanks to the addition of heat.

"Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho is a new, unique flavor that gives fans the essence of the original Doritos Nacho Cheese with a flamin’ hot kick we know snackers love," Leslie Vesper, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, said in a press release. "We’re excited to bring together two of our most popular flavors just in time to spice up the snack aisle for the new year."

Courtesy of Frito-Lay

Now, I totally understand if the "flamin' hot" moniker brings to mind another spicy snack, Flamin' Hot Cheetos. And since both Cheetos and Doritos are a part of Frito-Lay, there is a chance that you might recognize the flavor, but I haven't had a chance to taste the Flamin' Hot Doritos to really give it a good comparison.

According to Vesper, you will find some familiarity with the flavor, as explained in an emailed statement to Elite Daily:

..The new product brings together the fan favorite flavor, Flamin’ Hot, with the OG nacho cheese. The result is a new taste experience that starts with the original nacho cheese flavor fans know and love, followed by a kick of heat that continues to build.

Bags of Doritos' Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor are available for purchase at stores around the country starting on Thursday, Jan. 10, and they are a permanent offering, per Frito-Lay. The nationwide rollout includes two different sized bags to choose from. You won't have to look hard to find a bag of Flamin' Hot Nacho Doritos when you're at the store. The packaging features a bright red and black design for maximum contrast.

If you're looking for a spicy snack to eat on-the-go, check out the 3.125-ounce bag. It's an ideal size to eat alongside a sub or as an afternoon snack at your desk. The personal serving of Flamin' Hot Nacho Doritos is being sold for the suggested retail price of $1.89. Whether you're sharing the snack or want a big bag all to yourself, Doritos has you covered. You can find 9.75-ounce bags of Flamin' Hot Nacho Doritos at your local grocery store or convenience market where other Doritos flavors are sold. This bag will cost you a little more at $4.29, but a full-size bundle of Doritos is always worth the cost.

According to Doritos, hot and spicy foods are one of the fastest growing flavor categories within the food industry. Who knew? I definitely support this, though. I've been known to have a sweet tooth every now and then, but salty and spicy snacks are my love language. If I'm being honest, Cool Ranch Doritos will always hold a special place in my heart. That's not to say that I can't make more room for these bad boys.

OK, now I've made myself hungry and I'm off to find a bag of these to eat all day long.