Donald Trump Jumped On Twitter Nice & Early To Send A Special Thanksgiving Message

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Happy holidays, everyone! While most of us will be spending today eating tasty things, chronicling the day on our Insta stories, and taking mid-afternoon snoozes on the couch, let's not forget about the important things. To honor this holiday, a number of people are taking to social media to share some well wishes, and Donald Trump's Thanksgiving tweet is no exception.

On Thursday, Nov. 22, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to wish everyone, presumably including the haters, a Happy Thanksgiving this year. In a video message, Trump extends his gratitude to the over 200,000 service members currently stationed overseas. He also offered his thoughts and prayers to those who have been victims of horrific acts of violence, acknowledging an issue that's been divisively affecting the country. He also thanks the firefighters, first responders, and police offers who bravely faced danger to protect Americans, calling them brave, great, and — of course — special.

It's no secret by now that Trump takes advantage of any opportunity to share his thoughts on Twitter. Usually, the messages can be a little, um, problematic, but it's nice to see that he can push that rhetoric aside in order to celebrate a day that's so special to so many people. (And a special shout out to whoever worked editorial magic and was responsible for those cuts to a nice, although odd, side angle shot of Trump.)

Perhaps more impressive than a non-political, inclusive, and arguably gracious Twitter message from Trump, is the fact that his first Thanksgiving missive went out via Twitter bright and early at 5:42 AM. Trump outlined his plan for the holiday, stating he'd be speaking via teleconference with military members over the world and then visiting the Coast Guard. Although he doesn't specifically mention this, we can presume Trump will then enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with his family at their Florida estate, Mar-A-Lago.

Leading up to the festivities, Trump and the rest of his family prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving in the most traditionally presidential ways possible. On Tuesday, Nov. 20, Trump took part in the annual White House "turkey pardoning," which spares one lucky bird from becoming a turkey dinner. This year, Trump pardoned a 39-pound turkey named "Peas" and its sibling "Carrots," which is perhaps one of the most ironic moments ever. Of course, the names of the birds practically write the jokes themselves, but following the event, Twitter had a lot to say about Trump's turkey pardoning, and none of it had to do with Thanksgiving.

This year's turkey pardoning marked the Trump administration's second Thanksgiving in the White House. Even though the president may not be in everyone's good graces at the moment for political reasons, it looks like the White House is in full holiday spirit nevertheless. On Sunday, Oct. 28, Trump and the first lady greeted trick o' treaters as a part of the traditional Halloween party. Even though the children seriously dressed to impress in their costumes, it was the White House's impressive ensemble that stole the show in my opinion. To celebrate the spooky holiday, the White House was decked out head to toe with dozens of pumpkin patches littered across the entrance, corn stalks wrapped around the building's large front columns, and a decorative orange carpet that welcomed people inside. Clearly the Trump administration is pulling out all the stops this year to celebrate each and every holiday.

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Even though those festive fall decorations are definitely impressive, the end of Thanksgiving means one thing: it's Christmas season. To kick off the beloved wintery occasion, the White House received its annual Christmas tree, which arrived in a sleigh draw by two horses. Judging from the photos, it looks like this year's White House Christmas tree might be the biggest and best yet, but one can only hope the decorations will be a little less eerie than last year.

While 2018 might have been a complete disaster politically, setting a non-political and inclusive tone via Twitter could indicate that perhaps all American can all come together for one day, gather with family, and appreciate today's special holiday. Happy eating, everyone!