Donald Trump’s Easter 2020 tweet appeared to be aimed at churchgoers.

Donald Trump’s Easter Address Was About The “Plague On Our Country” Closing Churches

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Just days after asking Americans to pray for victory against "the invisible enemy," the president is addressing the coronavirus pandemic once again in a tweet shared on Easter Sunday. As many churches and synagogues around the country remain closed due to social distancing recommendations, Donald Trump’s Easter 2020 tweet acknowledges that many worshippers are probably spending the holidays a little differently than normal. Here's what the president said about "the plague on our country" and how it's impacting churches.

In the weeks leading up to Sunday, April 12, President Trump walked back earlier remarks from March that he was aiming to re-open parts of the economy by Easter as officials warned that that doing so would cause the number of people infected by the coronavirus to skyrocket. Instead, the POTUS took a decidedly different approach in a televised speech made on Friday, April 10 from the White House.

"At this holy time, our nation is engaged in a battle like never before — the invisible enemy," he said during the service, before calling out the efforts of medical workers, scientists, and regular citizens and their "tremendous sacrifices to end this pandemic."

While he acknowledged that Easter celebrations might look a little different this year as families celebrate apart and churchgoers tune into their services virtually, Trump focused on the "power of prayer" while addressing the nation.

In a video message shared to Twitter on Easter, the president reiterated these same sentiments as he focused on churches and said that the country is "winning the war" against the coronavirus.

"This Easter will be much different than others, because in many cases, we’ll be separated — physically only — from our churches," he said. "We won’t be sitting there next to each other, which we’d like to be, and soon will be again."

He continued, "But right now, we’re keeping separation, we’re getting rid of the plague. It’s a plague on our country like nobody has ever seen. But we’re winning the battle, we’re winning the war. We’ll be right back in churches next to each other, celebrate, bring the family together like no other. We have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Easter, everybody."

First lady Melania Trump also shared a hopeful message about celebrating Easter during quarantine, emphasizing that "we are all in this together."

"On the eve of #Easter, let us remember the ones who lost their lives to COVID19. Please try to connect w/ family, friends & loved ones this year. Take care of yourselves, keep your spirits high. Enjoy #Easter knowing we are all in this together," she wrote.

The president has yet to announce when he officially plans to re-open parts of the U.S. economy and cut back on social distancing recommendations, but it's likely that the country will hear more about the government's plans in the coming weeks.