These Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Costumes Will Win Your Halloween Party


Once upon a time, you could go to a party and no one would know anything about politics — because, you know, cool kids and all. In 2017, that's not the case; politics is pretty much pop culture now, which in turn means political references are pop cultural references, too. In other words, there's no time like the present for you and a buddy to show up on Halloween in super presidential get-up: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin costumes.

After all, there are few better ways to show you're the best of frenemies. Here are the different ways you can do just that.

G20 Putin And Trump

Now, doing this obviously requires knowledge of how to assemble Putin-Trump attire. The most basic route is exactly that: super basic. You and your friend need only grab a suit and tie — and it doesn't even have to be fancy (for some reason, presidents don't do fancy, except for certain occasions). A black blazer and slacks combo will do, along with a white shirt and a striped tie — you know, D.C. chic. The key here is getting a couple of good masks, and on that front your options are far from limited.

Any search for masks of Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump will result in a range of options. If you really want to embellish, one of those options is a mask that practically looks like a rendition of Alec Baldwin's imitations of Donald Trump, for $30.

The same retailer offers a just-as-exaggerated Putin mask for even cheaper, around $13.

And here's a plus: If you're worried this type of costume won't be scary enough, I mean, just look at these faces.

Spirit Halloween

Trump Mask, $30, Spirit Halloween | Putin Mask, $13, Spirit Halloween

Get these masks, throw on those suits, and you'll be looking like you're sitting down in Europe trashing the media together at a diplomatic summit in no time.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Getting Creative

Now, if you really want to impress people, what you can do is look beyond what these two chums wear while carrying out diplomatic duties. For instance, if you're the Trump half of the Putin-Trump combo, consider hurricane relief Trump.

For this get-up, all you need a good pair of khakis, some brown shoes, a white shirt and a black windbreaker. In other words, raid your dad's closet or Macy's (whichever is nearest to you) and throw in this super-cheap "USA" cap from eBay to complete the look.


Hat, $3, Ebay

For a special touch you keep the mask on and also carry a roll of paper towel around, just in-case you wanna have some fun like you're at the arcade.

See what I mean?

Recreational Putin

As for a unique Putin look to match Hurricane Relief Trump, you might want want to try recreating one of the more infamous portraits of the Russian president, which features him riding shirtless on horseback.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

You literally only need about three essential pieces for this. Cargo pants (easy), boots (super easy) and a stick horse (not exactly a common household item, but okay). Literally give searching "stick horse" a try and take your pick. Don't expect it to be cheap, though. For some reason a glorified piece of wood and fur can be relatively costly, like this option from Target.


Pony Trails Stick Horse, $25, Target

Whatever you do, make sure it's super exaggerated, and people should get the message, especially if you have the masks. After all, the masks can go a long way towards selling the whole get-up — just check out these guys:

The answer is no, you can't unsee that.

And if somebody is really confused about your Putin-Trump costume, just look em' in the face and let 'em know: We get along very, very well.