Dolly Parton Gave BTS The Best Shoutout On IG For Jamming Out To "Jolene" At The Grammys

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Rich Fury/Getty Images

Is Dolly Parton the newest member of the BTS ARMY? Well, if her latest Instagram post is any indication, then she definitely is a new BTS fan! And that’s all thanks to BTS’ unequaled enthusiasm during the onstage tribute to Parton at the Grammys on Feb. 10. As you may recall, Parton took the stage with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus to sing a medley of her hits, including the iconic “Jolene.” All the guys from BTS were so into the performance that they caught Parton’s attention and she said so on Instagram. Dolly Parton’s Instagram shoutout to BTS might mean there’s a collaboration in their future!

The moment that BTS was jamming to “Jolene” was captured on camera during the ceremony and Parton shared that moment on her Instagram page along with a caption.

“Maybe my next #Jolene collab will be with @bts.bighitofficial? What do y'all think? #GRAMMYs,” Parton wrote in a Feb. 12 post.

In the Instagram video Parton shared, you can hear her and Cyrus singing “Jolene” before the camera angle switches to the audience where BTS is singing along and dancing. It’s a really sweet moment and highlights just how much BTS appreciates all types of music. Not only that, but the fact that Parton, who is a music legend, gave BTS a shoutout on social media also shows how the guys are changing the music industry. When has a country singer (and a legendary one, at that) ever suggested a collaboration with a K-Pop group? Probably never. So, this Instagram post alone is a history-making one and that’s thanks, in part, to the massive success of BTS!

In any case, here’s what Parton shared on Instagram:

Parton is no stranger to collaborations. Over the course of her 50-year career, she’s worked on music with people like Elle King, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, and Cher. Not only that, but she’s also worked on films with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sylvester Stallone, Julia Roberts, and so many other famous actors. So, she’s a huge star and her appreciation for BTS could definitely bring a lot of awareness to the band, especially among those who don’t know who they are yet!

After Parton made the suggestion to collaborate with BTS on social media, BTS ARMY went wild with excitement. The fans are so thrilled by the possibility of a Parton/BTS collaboration that they’re tweeting non-stop about it. Here’s what they’re saying:

Obviously, all the BTS fans out there are really excited about the idea of their faves doing a song with a country music legend. And I’m sure BTS appreciates all the love and support. They actually mentioned how supportive their fans have been at the Grammys while they presented the award for Best R&B Album. During their presentation, RM acknowledged all the BTS fans around the world who have made them so incredibly successful.

"Growing up in South Korea, we always dreamt about standing on the Grammys stage," he said. "Thank you to all our fans for making this dream come true, and we'll be back."

Needless to say, BTS’ star is rising by the day and they have their fans (and now Dolly Parton) to thank for it!