You're Going To Want EVERYTHING From Dollar General's Viral Beauty Line

It's no secret that drugstore beauty is getting really good, with lines like Wet n' Wild, bliss, Physicians Formula, Versus, Olay, and more competing with the best of them. Dollar General's Believe Beauty line is the newest such brand to garner major buzz for both its affordability and insane product range. If you haven't heard of it yet then you're in for a treat because it's got everything you'll need to completely restock your makeup bag and bathroom counters. From face wipes and setting spray to nail polish and eyeshadow palettes, it truly is a comprehensive brand. The best part? Every single thing is under $5. Told you it was affordable.

As reported by Allure, Believe Beauty is starting to pick up major momentum thanks to the fact that beauty vloggers the likes of Juicy Jas, Emily Noel, and Kelly Strack have been singing its praises on their channels. And as pointed out by CNN, the hashtag #believebeauty is trending on Instagram, having been used within more than 3,000 posts. While the brand's own Instagram page currently has less than 4,000 followers, there's no doubt that's about to change.

You can shop Believe Beauty's full product range at any Dollar General store (they're in 44 states) or view and shop about half of its offerings online at Check out some standout products below and decide which ones you'll be trying for yourself.

Lash Dance

Lengthening mascara for $5? Did I just die and go to heaven? A normal tube would cost at least twice as much and honestly, it'd probably give you the same results.

Three's Company

Contour, blush, and highlight all in one. This palette is meant for medium skin tones, but the line carries two additional options to ensure there'll be one for everyone.

Ready, Set, Go

I've been using a rosewater spray from Trader Joe's to set my makeup as of late, but seeing as this guy is $5, I just might be switching.

Remain Neutral

Six shimmery eyeshadow shades for under $1 per color? Count me in! From a pearlescent champagne to a warm copper, it's got everything you'd need to create a knockout neutral look.

Rosy Cheeks

This is just one of a number of blush shades Believe Beauty offers, so there's guaranteed to be one that'll work with whatever beauty look you want to rock.

Double Trouble

This double-ended contour stick boasts one end that's meant for highlighting and another that's meant to add shadowy depth. It's the perfect secret weapon to keep in your purse for when a mid-day touchup is due.

Easy Off

These micellar wipes will help you take your makeup off in a breeze without irritating or harming your skin.

Pucker Up

This velvet matte lipstick promises to stay on all day without feeling overly drying or cakey.

Feeling Blue

Let's be real, your makeup bag could always benefit from another blending sponge.

Nailed It

Nail polish for $3? What kind of sorcery is this?