Dollar Flight Club's Nov. 14 Deals To Denmark are so low, you need to book your next vacation.

You Can Get $323 Round-Trip Tickets To Denmark, So Pack Your Bags


If you've been reminiscing about the best moments from your summer vacations as winter approaches, that means it's time to plan your next getaway. Dollar Flight Club's Nov. 14 deals to Denmark feature discounts of over 50% off regularly pricy international flights. So, there's really no better time to take a look at your PTO and start planning your next trip.

If Denmark isn't on your list of places to go, you'll want to rethink that ASAP. DFC's Nov. 14 email lists a deal with round-trip flights to Copenhagen at a majorly discounted rate. Although these flight prices are subject to change within 24 hours, DFC's deal can save you over 60% if you book now. The going rate for a round-trip flight to Denmark is $850, per DFC's email, but you can book a flight now for as low as $323 round-trip. All prices are accurate as of publication.

To get the deal, you'll need to look at booking a late winter or early spring vacay, as DFC's window of suggested dates is between January through March 2020. Considering that your destination is Denmark, there are plenty of wonderful Instagram-worthy opportunities and fun activities to engage in during winter months.

Travelers looking to depart from Boston are going to get the best deal, paying $323 for a round-trip flight in early March. You can leave from Chicago for as low as $405 for a round-trip flight in late March. Newark airport in New Jersey has round-trip offerings in April for $371 round-trip. You can score $446 round-trip tickets if you depart from Fort Lauderdale in mid-March. Other Floridians will be happy to know that there is a second departure city included in this deal. If you choose to leave from West Palm Beach, you can get a round-trip for $496.


There is a lot to do and see in Copenhagen, according to Condé Nast Traveler, but one of the most magical things you may want to do on your trip is take a day to tour some of the castles, like Frederiksborg or Kronberg. Take a trip to Tivoli Gardens, the world's oldest theme park, see the Little Mermaid statue, and try some window shopping on Strøget street. Foodies should make sure to try AOC, a restaurant with two Michelin stars, or the quaint Gemyse eatery. Craft beer lovers will find quite the beer scene and a good place to start is at Ørsted Ølbar. If you prefer cocktails, try K-Bar.

Unfortunately, West Coast travelers are out of luck on this deal, as departure cities included are all on the East Coast. That being said, you can still hop on a plane to one of the departure cities and possibly still save some cash. Call up your travel buddy ASAP if you want to book, since these DFC deals can change in just a day.