You Can Score A $318 Round-Trip Flight To Aruba In May, So BRB Packing My Swimsuit

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Spring has officially sprung, but unfortunately from where I'm sitting, it feels like winter definitely didn't get the memo. If you're ready to kiss those cold weather blues goodbye, you'll want to check out Dollar Flight Club’s March 20 deals to Aruba for a sweet round-trip deal to the Caribbean paradise. The company has rounded up the best prices to Aruba this spring, and with up to $330 in savings to benefit from, all you have to worry about is drafting that "OOO" email and packing your swimsuit before jet-setting off to soak up all the island vibes.

When Dollar Flight Club pinged my inbox with its latest deal on Wednesday, March 20, it was a welcome surprise. In case you haven't used Dollar Flight Club before, they are a complete lifesaver when it comes to getting in-the-moment alerts on cheap flights. Since I signed up, I've been getting real-time alerts with rock-bottom fares to Rome, Dublin, Cancun, Belize, and many more hot destinations — at just a fraction of the cost you'd normally pay to visit these places. I'm talking about hundreds of dollars in potential savings which are at your fingertips when you open the alert email. Let's be real: None of us has the time to spend the whole day researching flights and snapping up deals as they come, and it's great that Dollar Flight Club does all the hard work for you.

Anyways, this email about scoring potentially $345 off flights to Aruba came to my inbox at a time when I'm in dire need of some Vitamin D, and I was pumped to see that there are a variety of round-trip flights all in the $300s range from cities like Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, Rochester, Washington D.C., Nashville, Austin, Tampa, Jacksonville, and more. There are sixteen cities included in the deal to Aruba's Oranjestad Airport, so I'd check to see if your hometown is eligible for these savings to the Caribbean.

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The cheapest round-trip flights are just $318 to and from Pittsburgh, with Jacksonville coming in at the $330s, and Atlanta and Charleston ringing up in the $360s — and the chunk of change that you could be saving is wild. Look at it this way: You could potentially be paying about $150 each way to the Caribbean destination, compared to the regular average price of $650.

As always, there are a few dates that seem to have the cheapest prices. Dollar Flight Club says that most of the best deals seem to be for travel between May 7 and May 14, so it's likely that you'll be seeing the lowest fares during that time. But just to make things even easier for you, the company has outlined the cheapest possible dates for each destination point — travelers from Cleveland are encouraged to try flying between April 31 and April 7 and Nashville vacationers should travel between June 3 and June 11 — so you don't have to do too much work to find the cheapest fares possible.

All of these fares are accurate as of publication on March 20, and are likely to go up within 24 hours, so I'd keep in mind that they'll probably go fast. In the past, deals have disappeared in a matter of hours or even minutes as people have snatched them up, so I'd recommend downloading the Dollar Flight Club app if you really want to be on top of any notifications. Again, I doubt this Aruba promo will last long, so I'd set aside some time to look through the deals, alert any possible travel companions if you need to, and make some moves on your vacation. Your tropical getaway awaits.