You Can Get A $412 Round-Trip Ticket To Rome This Spring, So Embrace The Dolce Vita

Stocksy/Luis Velasco

Living "la dolce vita" is about to get a lot more affordable, thanks to the Dollar Flight Club’s March 14 deal to Rome. The company has once again done all the hard work for you with $412 flights delivered straight to your inbox, which means that your dreams of eating a gelato by the Trevi Fountain or soaking in the history of the Colosseum in person are one step closer to becoming a reality. With almost $500 in savings to benefit from, it's time to stop dreaming and start making moves so you can be in Italy's capital and enjoying all the pasta and wine your heart desires in just a few short weeks.

As someone who regularly peruses flights to Europe in my free time, I'll be the first to tell you that airfare to Rome can get expensive. Like the $900 and over kind of expensive, per the Dollar Flight Club email. And TBH, it's not hard to see why: Rome is that rare metropolitan center that manages to combine history, the present Italian culture, and of course, plenty of delicious food and drink, all in one beautiful place.

No one has time to constantly keep tabs on changing airfare, and I was pleasantly surprised when Dollar Flight Club sent me an email on Thursday, March 14 revealing that some flights are currently just $412 round trip to Rome from Newark Airport, when you fly with Lufthansa or United Airlines. I know, I had to read that number twice too, because it's unreal. Again, considering that flights to Italy's capital are normally at least $900, that's a savings of $488 or more than 50 percent off the normal price. That's just $488 more that you could be spending on taking in the ancient ruins, traveling around the rest of the country, or eating all the Italian food your body can handle. As note, the $412 price is accurate as of publication, but it could go up quickly.

In addition to sending its members up-to-date flight price information so that you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on your trips, Dollar Flight Club also straight-up tells you which airlines are offering the deal and which dates seem to be the cheapest in the email. In this case, it appears that current fares to Rome are cheapest between April 15 and April 22, which is actually a pretty great time to go see the city before it gets too hot and crowded during the summer.

Again, the cost of fares depend on your destination, so you're in luck if you happen to be close to New Jersey's Newark Airport. TBH, it might be worth looking into booking a discount flight over to New Jersey if the price is right, because I'm not really seeing anything remotely close to these rock-bottom fares.

Unsurprisingly, these low-priced tickets tend to go fast, and Dollar Flight Club will let you know if fares are likely to go up in the next 24 hours. Sometimes they'll be gone in just a few hours or minutes, so I'd definitely act fast if this is something you're seriously considering.

If you haven't signed up for Dollar Flight Club yet, that's definitely a good start to make sure that you're on top of these deals and can pounce on an opportunity as soon as it comes to your inbox. Some past sales have included $515 flights to Hong Kong, China and $204 tickets to Cancun, Mexico, and the company is constantly updating its website with whatever is new in the world of travel. As someone who isn't always checking my email, I'd personally recommend downloading the app so you can get a notification on your phone and potentially save hundreds of dollars by acting fast.

Again, there's no saying how long these $412 fares to Rome will stick around, so I'd jump on them while you can. The cost of a trip of a lifetime might be priceless, but enjoying it at over 50 percent off makes it even sweeter.