Burger King Brought Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets For The Most Savage Reason

by Brenda Santana
Burger King

If you are a chicken aficionado, you're probably well aware of all the chicken news in restaurants around the U.S. That being said, you were probably distraught when you found out that Wendy's was discontinuing their delicious spicy chicken nuggets earlier this year. Well, you weren't alone, because many chicken lovers were also saddened by that horrible news. If you ever think, "Does Wendy's have spicy chicken nuggets anymore?" you can rest easy — because Burger King is now offering Spicy Nuggets thanks to a crazy fast-food feud.

After listening to the cries and passive-aggressive tweets from Wendy's fans about spicy chicken nuggets, Burger King has decided to give the people what they want while throwing major shade at Wendy's at the same time. President of Burger King North America, Alex Macedo, spoke a little bit about the shade via an official press release about the new nuggets. He said,

We know there is an appetite for Spicy Chicken Nuggets, our competitors have launched similar products in the past, and fans will be excited for this delicious product at Burger King restaurants. Our $1.49 chicken nuggets have performed very well and we want to offer that same great value with our Spicy Nuggets.

Not only did BK savagely one-up Wendy's with their awesome new deal of 10-piece Spicy Nuggets for $1.49, they also went HAM with their advertisements about the new deal. See it below.

Dang Burger King, talk about having zero chill! If you are super excited about being able to sink your teeth into BK's Spicy Nuggets, run — don't walk — to your nearest Burger King, because the nuggets won't be here forever. Burger King's Spicy Nuggets debuted on Oct. 10 and they will only be available for a limited time, so hurry up and try them before it's too late.

To celebrate this launch, Burger King has a special promotion that only those with a specific name are eligible to participate in. If your name is Wendy (and you have a valid ID that proves it), you are eligible to receive a free 10-piece Spicy Nugget on Oct. 13. This deal is only available at participating BK restaurants in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. I've never wanted to be named Wendy more in my life!


Burger King has really outdone itself promoting these nuggets by writing tweets about Wendy's discontinuing their Spicy Nuggets.

"Burger King is really out here promoting random people's tweets to plug their spicy chicken nuggets. Next level advertising."

OK, I had no idea Burger King was Regina George from Mean Girls, but you have to admit, this feud is kind of hilarious.

Not one to be outdone, Wendy's had a trick up their sleeve that is also getting a lot of attention. In what seems like their answer to McDonald's Buttermilk Chicken Tenders, Wendy's has released their very own Chicken Tenders and people are really excited about it.

"I was about to get some @McDonalds nuggets and then I found out @Wendys has chicken tenders. never catch me anywhere else again"

"Hey @McDonalds - guess who else has chicken tenders? @Wendys may not have Szechuan sauce but neither do you."

"About to try @Wendys chicken tenders for the first time! I can't wait to #SlamDunk these in to my S'AWESOME Sauce! They look scrumptious!"

Wow, these fast food feuds are getting pretty serious, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say, "Keep the feuds and the new menu items comin'!"

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