Chrissy Metz Has A Shocking 'This Is Us' Theory About Toby's Future

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us may have wrapped until the fall, but that hasn't stopped fans from fixating on theories about the Pearsons' future. The Season 3 finale's flash-forward scene confirmed that baby Jack survived and thrived after his premature arrival, but now there's an awkward, inexplicable wedge between Toby and the rest of the family. Kate's absence from the future moments also still has fans worried about her fate, but Chrissy Metz has her own theory about her character's outcome. Does Toby get remarried on This Is Us? Metz isn't counting out the possibility.

As eagle-eyed fans have observed, the future version of Toby (Chris Sullivan) appears onscreen without a wedding ring as he wears a tired look matching the trope of TV's miserable divorcees. Although he left his bleak-looking bedroom to join the Pearsons at Kevin's (Justin Hartley) house in the finale flash-forward, Toby's remarks on the large home suggested he hadn't been there before. He also said that a grown Jack told him they "were on their way," fueling suspicions of whether his son was with Kate (Metz) and if Toby talking to Jack instead of her meant they had split.

These closing moments also created questions regarding Kevin's future love life and how the Pearsons reconnected with Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne), but Toby and Kate's situations are particularly vague so far. Fans' long-running belief is that Kate has died, although the idea of her and Toby getting divorced has also become more popular. While Metz has always danced around specifics of Kate's future, she did tell Entertainment Weekly that the "they're" en route to Kevin's "could be a new wife." Is she hinting that KaToby really is meant for a split in a few years?

Like the rest of her co-stars, Metz knows more than what meets the eye on the most recent This Is Us episodes. "It’s interesting, because there was something omitted [from the flash-forward] that I thought was going to happen but didn’t, which would have been great,” Metz told EW. “But it will come to be early in season 4."

While Toby lacks a wedding ring in the future, that isn't a definite sign of him being single. If Metz's guess about a second wife proves true, Kate being dead or divorced from Toby may seem more probable, but the actress has also alluded to everything turning out fine for her. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Metz teased that Kate is around for the future, saying, "[Creator] Dan [Fogelman] has assured me everything is OK. And here’s the thing: should she have passed away, Jack has passed away… It’s not linear. So we really don’t need answers, folks."

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Metz has a valid point. Apart from Rebecca (Mandy Moore) dying, the season finale's future scene revealed that the Pearsons are coping fairly well with this stage of their lives. As with the aftermath of Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth's (Susan Kelechi Watson) arguments, the family is used to emerging from trauma as a stronger unit. Aging also isn't exclusively dire and depressing, so even if Kate isn't her normal self in the future, life may still be satisfying for her.

So Toby may or may not be married to someone else in the future, but given the show's pattern of jumping through time, Kate will likely be a part of the series until its end. While the death and divorce theories are believable, we'll keep our minds open to possibilities until the truth is out.

Season 4 of This Is Us premieres this fall on NBC.