A Body Language Expert Reveals Whether She Thinks Colton Will Choose Caelynn Or Hannah B.

by Candice Jalili

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with this season of The Bachelor, there is some major drama going on with two of the contestants who knew each other from before the show. Now, at this point, both women have shared their concerns with each other with their shared bae. But does The Bachelor's Colton like Hannah B. or Caelynn more?

In case you missed it, Hannah B. and Caelynn competed on the pageant circuit together (as Miss Alabama and Miss North Carolina, respectively). While competing in the Miss USA pageant in May 2018, they were even roommates. They seemed pretty tight, to the extent that they even appeared on each other's Instagrams a few times. But at some point prior to the filming of The Bachelor, they had a falling-out. Both expressed concerns about each other's character to Colton, before ultimately having an honest conversation with each other in which they chose to move past their former feud.

Colton initially seemed overwhelmed by the drama, partly because he genuinely seems to like both women. (He gave Hannah B. a one-on-one date before the feud burst in the house, and Caelynn one after.) While he ultimately chose to focus on his individual connections with each contestant, instead of the potential issues between them, it's tempting to seek out clues about which relationship he's feeling more.

Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point, examined two videos to determine what's really going on between Colton, Caelynn, and Hannah B.

First, Brown examined the clip of Caelynn warning Colton about her beef with Hannah B.

This clip starts off with Hannah B. being well... quite frankly terrifying. I mean, you guys, she literally says:

If Caelynn is talking crap about me she better beware. There is a beautiful monster inside of me and today I'm gonna have to let it out... There's a tank of rage and it's full and the beast is about to come out.

Oh, and then she gives a long drawn out throaty roar.

And it's not just her words that indicate she's angry. "Yes, indeed, Hannah is filled with rage," Brown surmises. "I saw it and then she said it."

Next, the clip moves onto Caelynn and Colton who have taken a seat on a bench on the other side of the pool. At this point Caelynn does pretty much exactly what Hannah B. was hoping she wouldn't and "talks crap" about her to Colton. That being said, Caelynn doesn't go too far into detail about the feud.

But while I was focused on what Caelynn was saying, I didn't stop to pay attention to how Colton was feeling about all of this new information.

And apparently he wasn't taking it super well.

"When he was talking with Caelynn he went from disgust to sadness to anger as she spoke," says Brown. That being said, Brown doesn't believe Caelynn was saying anything to be malicious. "She really didn’t want to have to tell him this but felt she had to," she deduces based on her body language.

Next, Brown gave her two cents on Hannah B.'s confession to Colton.

In this clip, Hannah B. has her shot at giving Colton her side of the story after seeing him canoodling with Caelynn. She says she's "bafumbled" at the sight of the two of them developing a connection. She can't think of another word.

"Hannah B. is someone to watch out for," warns Brown. "She’s gonna be crazy manipulative."

Hannah B. takes a totally different approach to her conversation than Caelynn did. Instead of trying to sympathize with Colton, she just flat-out says she can't imagine how someone could like Caelynn and also like her at the same time.

Brown continues to see that, in Hannah B.'s conversation with Colton, he starts off trying to be cool and eventually starts to look visibly disappointed. And Colton couldn't be less pleased.

Remember all of those emotions that were there when he was talking to Caelynn? Yeah, based on his body language, they're all gone during his conversation with Hannah B. "He covers his face because he doesn’t want to see or deal with the situation," she continues.

Immediately after his conversation with Hannah B., he makes his real feelings super clear by going straight into the other room with everyone and asking Caelynn to come join him for a talk.

Caelynn immediately bursts into tears but Brown notes that, compared to his emotional conversation with Hannah B., "he's more cool about it."

So... who does he like more? Brown's money is on Caelynn. "I think he likes her enough to deal with the BS and drama," she says. "Then he gives her the rose."

Yeah... I guess giving her the rose is the ultimate sign that he's super into her.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily