Does Kylo Love Rey? 'The Last Jedi' Raises Some New, Interesting Questions

One of the most striking scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the Snoke scene when Kylo Ren brings Rey before his master. The similarities between this scene and the "Luke and Vader in front of the Emperor" scene in Return of the Jedi are eerie. Kylo kills Snoke. He and Rey fight together until they have defeated all of the guards. But just as the audience thinks Ben Solo has thrown off the Dark Side, he reveals he's actually doubled down. He wants to rule the universe with Rey by his side. Does Kylo love Rey? The Reylo shippers were ecstatic.

For those who are not deep in the fan-fic world, let us explain what we mean by a "Reylo Shipper." Like such real-life romances like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, fans combine the names of characters for fantasy relationships as well. Thus: Brangelina, Bennifer, and Star Wars' newest romance since The Force Awakens: Reylo. A "shipper" is someone who fantasizes they will have a relation"ship".

The Reylo true believers have been out there since the first reboot movie, when Rey and Kylo Ren faced each other down, both on the Starkiller Base and on the surface of it in the forest. But others, myself included, thought the Reylo shippers were mad. Rey didn't seem to harbour feelings for this whiny boy in a mask. And he didn't have any for her either, did he?


Tragically, it seems that those who have been holding the torch for a Reylo romance were at least half right.

One of the major complaints from fans in The Last Jedi was that Rey turned out to have parents who were not significant in the slightest to the story. She was not the daughter of Skywalker. She was not Ben's long-lost sister. She was no one, the daughter of addict junk traders who sold her into slavery for a fix.

How did we know this? Because Kylo Ren *looked into it.* He needed to know who this girl was, who was so strong in the force. He had to know where she came from. He had to make sure her parents weren't Skywalkers or Solos.

Why? Because he wants to be with her. An unlike some other fantasy stories we could mention with rabid, spoiler-phobic fanbases, incest is not a thing the Skywalkers and Solos are into, unlike the Targaryens and Lannisters.

Kylo Ren is in love with Rey. She may be a no one to the universe, but not to him. He wants her by his side, ruling the First Order, the two of them using the Dark Side of the Force, as one.


But here's where the Reylo shippers were wrong. Rey does not love Kylo Ren.

The Reylo shippers were right that she has strong feelings, too. But they were for Ben Solo. And, as Leia states flatly, "Ben Solo is dead." Kylo chose his path. He had a moment when he could have decided to be Ben Solo. But instead, he chose wrong, picking Kylo Ren, thinking that Rey would love him that way.

By killing Ben Solo, Kylo accidentally killed off any chance of Rey being with him. Oopsie.

It's a tragic ending for these star-crossed crushes. Ben Solo's raw talent and Skywalker blood have no match in the universe anymore, now that both his Uncle Luke and his mother Leia are gone. The only woman who is his equal is Rey. As Luke noted, she was the only one with the same level of raw power. There is no one else for Kylo Ren who could command his respect.

And he just lost her. My sympathy, shippers. It's a terrible, heartbreaking time.