'Riverdale' fans theorize Jughead may have a twin after a shocking reveal.

This Theory About Jughead Could Bring Dylan Sprouse To 'Riverdale'

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Riverdale is wilder than ever right now, and if a new fan theory turns out to be true, then Season 4 will become an absolute rollercoaster ride. After a truly shocking revelation about Jughead at the end of the show's Halloween episode, all eyes are on the resident "weirdo" as fans try to figure out his fate this season. In fact, things on the show are getting so twisted and bizarre, fans are speculating that Jughead may have a secret twin on Riverdale. I know it sounds out-there, but there are actually a ton of reasons why this could turn out to be true.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 4, Episode 4, "Halloween." All of this twin speculation comes after that bombshell reveal at the end of Riverdale's Oct. 30 episode. After multiple flash-forwards had already hinted that Jughead may die later on in this season, the latest episode ended in a time-jump that was almost impossible to explain away: A shot of Jughead's dead body was shown on a slab at a morgue, while Betty and F.P. looked on. Before this scene, most fans would not expect Riverdale to actually kill of one of its lead characters, and fans were able to work around the other flash-forwards teasing his death, since Jughead was only missing in them. But after seeing Jughead's presumably dead body, it's hard to come up with any other possibility.

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But don't get too bummed out just yet. This is Riverdale, after all, where ridiculous, totally nonsensical things happen all the time. And it is because of the nature of the show that a lot of fans are now adopting a theory that the dead body shown in Episode 4 was actually Jughead's secret twin, or a lookalike relative.

Strangely enough, there is backing for this theory in Riverdale's source material. In the Archie Comics, Jughead has an identical cousin named Nathan. If the show wants to make a nod to the comic books, then the writers may opt to introduce Nathan and use his death as a way to fake viewers out into thinking Jughead had died. Alternatively, comic-book Jug also has a younger cousin named Souphead who may not be his twin, but does dress and act like him. So, bizarrely, there are options.

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Adding even more fuel to this theory's fire is Riverdale's penchant for twin (and triplet) twists. The show introduced Cliff Blossom's twin brother Claudius in Season 2 (and then seemingly forgot about him), and, more recently, Nana Rose revealed that Cheryl and Jason had a triplet named Julian. Granted, both of these reveals were within the Blossom family, which is known for containing twins, but it still sets a precedent for a potential Jughead doppelgänger.

On top of all the other reasons that this theory could work, the show already has the perfect person to cast if they need a Juggie lookalike: Riverdale fans have been clamoring for Cole Sprouse's twin brother Dylan to pop up on the show ever since it began. Although Cole and Dylan opened up about wanting to work together again recently, Dylan still has not yet appeared on Riverdale, and according to Cole's comments in a 2017 Glamour interview, neither twin is really interested in bringing their brother act to The CW's drama. But hey — 2017 was a while ago, so maybe they've changed their minds?

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All in all, there do seem to be a lot of reasons why Riverdale may introduce a secret Jughead twin cousin this season... even though the theory does sound pretty wild at first. Viewers will just have to wait and see if Riverdale will really go there.

Season 4 of Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.