The 'Dead to Me' Season 2 finale has fans wondering if Jen dies

'Dead To Me' Season 2 Ended With A Dark Cliffhanger & I Need To Process It

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When the first season of Dead to Me ended, it was very clear Steve was dead, but the Season 2 finale shocker is much more ambiguous. After all the twists and turns Judy and Jen had been through in the new season, the biggest surprise of all came at the very end. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Dead to Me. After an unexpected car crash in the season's final moment, fans want to know if Jen is going to die in Dead to Me.

The latest twisty cliffhanger in Dead to Me is a darkly ironic one for multiple reasons. Not only did Jen experience a major car crash at the very intersection where she had campaigned so hard to install a stop sign, but it was at the hands of a man who looks exactly like the man she had only recently killed. On top of that, the crash was a hit-and-run, echoing how Jen's husband Ted was killed, and Judy found herself helpless in a car after witnessing disaster once again. Yeah, there are a lot of levels to this once you start connecting the dots.

The crash came after everything seemed to have actually worked out for Jen and Judy — the tape Charlie found in Steve's car had incriminating evidence against the police chief, and Judy turned it over, leading to his arrest and a seemingly closing the investigation into Steve. Plus, Jen's bonding session with detective Ana Perez led to Ana returning Judy's paintings, which were secretly lined with a ton of cash. At long last, it seemed Jen and Judy were completely free of worries. But of course, that couldn't last long.


After getting intimate with Jen, Steve's twin brother Ben received a phone call that seemed to be confirmation Steve's body was discovered in the woods. From the looks of it, this devastating revelation drove Ben to drink, and it was a drunken Ben who wound up slamming his car right into the new car Jen had bought for Charlie. Since Judy was on the opposite side of the collision, she seemed relatively unharmed, but Jen was more or less unresponsive when Judy tried to see if she was OK. Upon seeing what he had done, Ben quickly drove off before the women could see who hit them.

Thankfully, Jen didn't die on impact, as Judy was finally able to wake her up and and she said, "What happened?" However, just because she's not dead doesn't mean she didn't sustain some serious injuries, which could become a major focus of the potential third season. The most dramatic possibility, it seems, is that Jen could have amnesia. That's obviously a very melodramatic direction for the show to go, but hey — it did have a secret twin reveal this season, so it looks like it's leaning into the soapiness of it all.

Whatever happens with Jen as a result of the crash, fans can be sure it will definitely complicate things between her and Ben. Plus, with Steve's body uncovered, Jen and Judy are at risk of being found out again. Netflix has yet to officially announce a third season of Dead to Me, but hopefully it will get picked up soon so fans can rest assured they will find out Jen's fate — and the fate of everyone else wrapped up in her web.

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