Twitter Can't Handle This Doctor Who Dressed As The Joker To Deliver A Baby

by Collette Reitz

Given that it's already Nov. 6, you might have thought that you've been caught up on all the Halloween happenings this year. Well, get ready for one last trick (or treat — it depends on how you look at it). It turns out that costumes weren't only for showing off at Halloween parties on Oct. 31. Case in point, a doctor dressed as the Joker delivered a baby on Halloween. Yes, the face-painted Batman villain ushered new life into this world, and Twitter cannot handle it.

According to ABC News, Brittany and Justin Selph were the expecting parents who got a surprise they never could have imagined. Brittany's due date wasn't actually until later in the week, but she woke up on Halloween to find that her water might have broken. With the change in plans, the expecting couple made their way to Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee at around 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 31.

When they got to the medical center, that they found out their obstetrician, Dr. Paul Locus, decided to dress up as the Joker for Halloween that day. And boy, did he go all out. Seriously, the pictures are terrifyingly accurate.

Are you shook yet?

To be fair, he didn't plan on scarring the lives of newborn babies all day. Brittany told ABC News that Dr. Locus had planned to go back to his home to hand out candy for a bit (since it was going to be a while until the baby was ready to be delivered), and then he was going to come back to the medical center without the costume to deliver the baby.

Apparently, the Selph family loved the idea of the Joker delivering their baby, and according to ABC News, they instructed the doctor to keep the costume on when he came back to deliver the baby. Brittany told ABC News that her first reaction when he walked into the room was to laugh.

Also, this was not Brittany's first baby. The Selphs have two older children, 10-year-old Brenden and 4-year-old McKinley, so there were no first-time jitters here. Even with the Joker at work, the delivery went off without a hitch, according to ABC News, and Brittany and Justin Selph welcomed their third child, Oaklyn, into the world at around 8:20 p.m. on Halloween night.

Even though everything turned out well, Twitter could not handle this story.

Here are a few more photos from the Oaklyn's Halloween birthday.

I'm not sure how good of a look Oaklyn got of Dr. Locus, but nightmares are a definite possibility.

Another Twitter user came in with reassurance that she might not have seen anything.

You can all let out a collective "Phew!" now.

I don't think this was a case of mistaken identity, but it's a good question nonetheless.

Of course, the dumpster year that is 2017 was brought up.

But hey, at least now there's an adorable new baby, too. I'm sure the Selphs are pretty happy with Halloween in 2017.

It sounds like doctors aren't immune from the itch to dress up on Halloween.

"Epic" is definitely one word for it.

Just to show that he's not really like the Joker, Dr. Locus came back the next morning to check up on Brittany and newborn Oaklyn, according to ABC News. He didn't come empty-handed, either. He brought a card of congratulations, and to make sure the family doesn't forget the special circumstances surrounding this Halloween delivery, he signed the card, "Dr. Joker."

This may be one of the stranger delivery stories, but at least little Oaklyn has a great ice-breaker for the rest of her life.

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