Do You Have To Put All 6 Photos In Your Dating Profile?

Curating your dating profile can prove to be a job and a half. Coming up with a perfectly witty bio that communicates what an effortlessly cool and supremely datable babe you are can feel akin to trying to gracefully do yoga on a slip 'n slide — not to mention figuring out the best way to tackle the photo situation. Do you need six photos of you looking like you just stepped off the runway to bag the boo of your dreams?

Although it never hurts to take advantage of all six photo slots, the most important thing when it comes to selecting which pics should make the cut might actually surprise you.

After I started dating my current boyfriend (we met IRL), I did the unthinkable and showed him my Tinder profile. Three margaritas deep and blabbing about our prior dating history, we landed on the subject of Tinder profiles and he coyly asked if he could see mine. My initial response was, "Haha, no." But seeing as I absolutely hate backing down from a challenge, I eventually caved and slid my phone across the bar counter while averting my gaze.

His silence was deafening. When it finally broke, he chuckled and pointed out that the way I presented myself on Tinder was very different than how he experienced me in real life.


That piqued my interest.

"I'll never understand why women think the best pictures of themselves are the ones that look nothing like them," he said.

I wondered if he thought I didn't look as good in person as I did in those photos.

As if sensing my discomfort, he continued, "It's not that those aren't totally hot pics, but all three of them accomplish the same thing, you know? And none of them really capture your quirks."

I couldn't believe my ears, this v hot, foreign dude was telling me that the main thing missing from my Tinder profile were pics that "captured my quirks"?

I snatched back my phone and flipped through the pics. It only took a few seconds to come to the conclusion that homeboy might have been onto something.


In that moment, it was like a lightbulb went off — creating a stand-out dating profile isn't just about posting a ton of pics that hit the same "hot" note. It's also about using the few seconds of attention that you have to paint a dynamic picture of yourself.

Now, that being said, considering what a limited scope a dating profile can provide, it is definitely to your best advantage to use as many visuals as possible.

But more important than using all six pictures is making sure that the ones you choose communicate are all different enough and add up to one whole complimentary package.

Only have four or five that you are really vibing with? Instead of posting more just for the sake of having six — not so fast — a little mystery never hurt nobody. When in doubt, leave your matches wanting more.

It's easy to get analytical and simply post the six pics where the good angle makes you look the most like a member of the Kardashian klan — and don't get me wrong, a glamorous pic is definitely not a bad idea.

But, newsflash! Freckles are adorable. If you have them, then all six of your profiles pics shouldn't of your face powdered to the point where those lovely flecks are nowhere to be found.


Have you got a crazy head of curls? Awesome! Then every pic shouldn't be of you with a blow-out.

Have a gap tooth? Hot, don't be afraid to show off that smile.

You feel me?

And it goes without saying that pictures of scenery are a no-go — we all know what the beach looks like, so unless it's a pic of you soaking up the sun rocking those beachy waves, then it might be a good idea to pass.

Ultimately, there's no need to fret about the exact number of pics you post. As long as they are all slightly different looks that are an honest representation of you on a good day then anywhere from four to six shots is plenty.

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