Benji and Victor in Hulu's LGBTQ series 'Love, Victor'

'Love, Victor' Fans Have 1 MAJOR Question About Benji & Victor After Season 1

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Once upon a time (aka 2018), Love, Simon warmed viewers' hearts with the feel-good LGBTQ love story that made everyone want a Ferris wheel kiss. Now, the next installment of the story is here in the form of the Hulu spinoff series, Love, Victor. The 10-episode first season takes place in the same universe as the film, and similarly features the main character's journey of self-exploration and acceptance. But unlike Love, Simon, the ending of Love, Victor doesn't wrap everything up so neatly. So, the question of everyone's mind at the end of Season 1 of Love, Victor is: Do Victor and Benji end up together?

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Love, Victor ahead. The Hulu spinoff series starts when Victor (Michael Cimino) and his family move to Atlanta in the middle of the year. Though Victor attends the same school Simon previously did, he's younger (a sophomore) and is very much trying to figure out his sexual orientation.

On his first day at Simon's alma mater, Victor met wealthy, popular girl Mia (Rachel Hilson), as well as an out, gay heartthrob named Benji (George Sear). While he felt an immediate attraction toward Benji, Victor ended up starting a flirtation up with Mia, which quickly turned into a relationship for most of the season.


Victor's feelings toward Benji made him anxious, so he, for the most part, avoided his crush. Naturally, this became a problem when he got hired to work alongside Benji at a local coffee shop. The two inevitably ended up growing close, and on a work trip, Victor kissed Benji, who immediately got upset since he has a boyfriend. He then asked Victor to leave him alone and respect his relationship.


Eventually — after Benji realized his boyfriend wasn't right for him and Victor realized his feelings for Benji were for real — the two shared an epic kiss in the final episode. Unfortunately, Mia (who was still in a relationship with Victor at the time) saw the kiss and was heartbroken.

This Season 1 ending left viewers with tons of questions (like whether Victor and Mia are broken up now), but at least viewers now know: Victor identifies as gay, and he has a strong connection with Benji.

Though the two confessed their feelings for each other, Victor just came out (and fans have to wait until a potential Season 2 to see his parents' reactions) and Benji just got out of a year-long relationship. Sure, there's a setup for an endgame couple here, but complications could definitely arise between the two high schoolers.

As for whether a second season would include an official coupling between Benji and Victor (and more magnetic make-outs), fans will just have to wait to find out.

Love, Victor is streaming now on Hulu.

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