Piercings Might Make Your Nipples Way More Sensitive During Sex & Here's Why

Recently, I noticed people with nipple piercings seem to discuss incorporating nipple stimulation into their sex life more than those without their nipples pierced. This made me wonder, do piercings make your nipples more sensitive? It's always fun to try new things in your sex life and one area that's easily forgotten is the erogenous zones right there on your chest. I know some people that can orgasm from nipple stimulation only. However, some folks with lower sensitivity in their nipples may not feel pleasure from nipple stimulation at all. Since I noticed that people with nipple piercings seemed to enjoy nipple stimulation more, could their nipples have increased in sensitivity? And if so, could piercing your nipples be an option for those that want more sensation in their nipples?

To find out the truth about nipple piercings, I talked with relationship counselor & clinical sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee, D.H.S., M.A. She explains that it’s incredibly normal to have lower sensitivity in your nipples, and therefore not feel interested in incorporating them into your sex life. I wanted to find out from an expert if piercing your nipples actually increases there sensitvity and the results were complex.

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While there's no guarantee that nipple piercings can increase your sensitivity, Dr. Lee explains that it is a possibility. As long as the piercing is done safely, a pierced nipple has the chance to be stimulated by outside nerve endings as well as nerves within the nipple. Dr. Lee says this is because nipples already have sensitive outer nerve endings. The reason that sensitivity can increase is that the piece of jewelry could stimulate nerve endings within the nipple as well. Although she says it can vary from person to person.


It’s also important to note the distinction between arousal and sensitivity. Dr. Lee explains, “One’s nipples can feel sensitive due to arousal, the weather (especially cold), or even an ill-fitting bra or t-shirt (think triathlon athletics)." This means that sensitivity can apply to more than sensation during sex and, if the nipple is already extremely sensitive, the sensation of touch could be too heightened with a piercing.

Outside of the aspect of sensitivity, Dr. Lee says, "Individuals can find it more arousing to have their pierced nipples toyed with during sex with a partner or solo sex." This could be attributed to increased sensitivity and sensation. However it can also improve sex simply because of the piercings' appearance. Having a physical object there can also remind you and a partner to interact with the nipples more.

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Because the nipples are such a vulnerable part of the body, there are numerous other factors to consider when making this decision. Dr. Lee explains, "One should make sure that the establishment has its license visibly displaced, is clean and hygienic, and all instruments and jewelry are sterile." It’s also important to note that the piercing professional should be extremely qualified and experienced with nipple piercing specifically (as opposed to piercing in general). She explains, to make sure the piercer adheres strictly to sanitary practices and that all jewelry is new.

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There are so many reasons to take the leap when it comes to piercing your nipples and sensitivity is definitely one aspect of the decision. Although there is no guarantee it will increase the sensation of the nipple, it can still be a fun addition to your sex life. It's important to consider all the factors when making this decision. When done safely, piercings can be an exciting way to change your body!

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