'Stranger Things' Fans Are Already Petitioning For These Characters To Date In Season 2


As its title suggests, Stranger Things is packed with a lot of strange sh*t; anyone who has binged the show can attest to the fact that Hawkins is anything but a normal town. Between a hungry Demogorgon, a telekinetic 12-year-old, and a sketchy-ass experimental lab run by an old white guy, you can bet my ass woulda been on the first train outta that hellscape by the end of the first episode. Perhaps the strangest thing of all, however, is that the wholesome, sweet Nancy Wheeler doesn't date Jonathan Byers in Season 1, but rather ends up with the f*ckboy of all '80s f*ckboys, Steve Harrington.

That's correct, after a turbulent season of high highs and low lows with her on again/off again boyfriend, Steve, much to all of our dismay, Nancy ends up snuggling with him on a couch on Christmas in the final episode. The troubling part about this is that, despite Steve's apology and change of attitude, we all know who Nancy should be dating, and that's Jonathan Byers.

Naturally, ST diehards have been voicing their hopes for a "Jancy" ship since the two started getting close, setting booby traps, and having pillow talk in the first season; now — as we approach brand new episodes of Stranger Things — there are a few questions on all of our minds like: What does Nancy see in Steve anyway? Will Nancy and Jonathan date in Stranger Things Season 2? And why do we care so much about these teenagers' relationships?

Clearly everyone is counting on Jonathan and Nancy becoming a thing and, although Season 2 will most likely begin with a Nancy and Steve romance, there is still hope for a Jancy love story. Indeed, in an interview with ING, one of the show's creators, Matt Duffer, reveals there is a chance Nancy and Jonathan can end up together in Season 2. The writer tells ING,

Jonathan is a complicated guy. He's not the smoothest when it comes to dealing with girls. He's never had - in my eyes anyway - he's never had a girlfriend. So he doesn't really know what the hell he's doing. Whereas Steve knows what he's doing. I feel it's very realistic. Some of it is just me still angry about High School, in a very immature way. I never got a girl in High School. It didn't happen. If Jonathan ends up getting Nancy that's like a fantasy to me - it doesn't feel very realistic. But maybe we can build to it.

Granted this interview took place in August of last year, I'm not ready to give up hope just yet. Jonathan may not be the "smoothest," but he and Nancy certainly share a connection that could melt even the Demogorgon's heart. Natalia Dyer, the actress who plays Nancy, even hinted to Teen Vogue last year in an interview of her own that a Jonathan and Nancy romance could be worked into the ST plot in Season 2. Dyer told TV,

I will say that, in the original pilot, Jonathan was the clear choice because Steve was just such a jerk. They ended up rewriting it because Joe is a very charming, nice guy and he's just too likable. They wanted to keep him around and explore his character. So she ends up with Steve at the end, and I think that's where she should be. I'm not going to deny that there's obviously some kind of chemistry between Jonathan and Nancy. I don't think either of them know what it is, but I'd be excited to see where that goes in season two. We'll see. Again, I literally have no idea.

While we sit here with our fingers and toes crossed, I guess we can take solace in knowing that Natalia Dyer Charlie Heaton (the actor who plays Jonathan) make an adorable couple IRL. Though neither has confirmed the rumor they're dating, recent pictures of the two holding hands in NYC make it look as if they are definitely an item.

Rumors that the two Stranger Things' stars are dating started back in September when Natalia posted a photo on her Instagram of Charlie holding some particularly ornate birds with the playful caption "Wow congrats @charlie.r.heaton on his new one man show Stranger Wings!! Sure gonna miss you s2 but happy you're doing what you love🙏🐦❤️."

The pair has also been seen together at awards shows in the past, which, as we all know, is the ultimate indicator that costars are dating.

I guess for now this is all we've got. As Dyer points out, though, who knows what Season 2 will bring. I, for one, can't wait for new thrills, new monsters, and *hopefully* new romances. Until then, I'll be over here watching the trailer on repeat.

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