Here's Everything We Know About What's In Store For Kevin & Sophie On 'This Is Us'


The ongoing drama between Kevin and Sophie on This Is Us has only gotten harder and harder for fans to watch, but the latest episode dropped some major hints that the couple isn't going to be splitting up anytime soon. In fact, the troubled couple may actually make it all the way, with marriage and kids in the future, if you believe a few of the flash-forwards fans got a peek at in Tuesday night's new episode of This Is Us. So do Kevin and Sophie have kids in the future on This Is Us, or were those flash-forwards meant to fake us out? Let's break it down.

We've been seeing Kevin fall further and further into his drug addiction this season, but the latest episode turned the spotlight on how his big issue is affecting his relationship with his ex-wife/rekindled romance Sophie. As in past episodes, we see Kevin popping pain pills and downing beers left and right throughout his storyline, along with sporting the the red, sweaty face he has been showing off so much this season, but the most potentially telling moment in the new episode came when we got a possible sneak peek into his grim future.

While considering whether or not he should propose to Sophie, we see Kevin dream up a future with her, including kids. But in this dream-future, Kevin is a really bad father, continuing his cycle of pill and alcohol addiction rather than spending time with his kids. The show makes it seem like this is all a dream, but some fans are wondering whether it's an actual look into the future... or more dramatic: If it's a flashback and Kevin and Sophie actually had kids together the first time they were married. I mean, we really don't know much about Kevin and Sophie's first marriage, so I guess them having kids is possible, but it would definitely be a huge bombshell that would probably make Kevin look like an even bigger d-bag than he already appears this season, since viewers haven't gotten one clue about him having kids up until this point.

After the confusing "Kevin with kids" scene, Twitter exploded with This Is Us fans wondering what was going on: Was this an accurate look at the past, a depressing look at the future, or just a random dream to help Kevin realize he needs to make some changes before moving forward with Sophie. Check out some of the best responses to the confusing scene below:

Unfortunately for Kevin, it looks like it does not really matter right now whether or not he does (or will) have kids with Sophie, because their relationship is pretty much screwed. In his drunken, pilled-up daze, we saw Kevin buy not one, but three different engagement rings an hour before he headed over to Sophie's doorstep to deliver what is quite frankly the worst proposal in the history of all proposals. He just blathers on about how he's sorry and trying to be his authentic self and blah, blah, blah... but of course, Sophie is smart enough and practices enough self-care to turn down the proposal.

The big question now is whether Sophie or any of Kevin's siblings will be able to pick up on his clear addiction issues and try to help him recover, like his father Jack seemingly recovered from his alcoholism in the past. The promo clip for next week's episode promises that it will focus more on Kevin's teenage years, after the football injury that we know actually lead him into his painkiller addiction. Hopefully, we will get more answers about what's going on with Kevin then.