Do Guys Think About Weddings? Guys Reveal Their Dream Weddings, Proving They Do Think About It


When I think about my dream wedding, what I picture is simple. I want it to be summertime by the beach with everyone I love, and that's pretty much it. Oh, and I'd also like some prime rib on the menu. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have had all of this figured out if it weren't for the fact that it was all my friends wanted to talk about when we were little. I always assumed it was just a girl thing. But it turns out, guys think about their weddings, too. Want to know what a guy's dream wedding looks like? I've got you covered!

A recent Reddit thread prompted dudes to respond with what their dream weddings would look like. From the guy who wants a secret courthouse marriage with his BAE, to the one who wants to elope somewhere tropical, to the one who wants to spend the night dancing with all of his friends and family, they all have different kinds of weddings that they would absolutely love to have. Read along and check it out.

He wants an affordable ceremony with the love of his life.


He prefers minimal responsibility with maximal booze.


He got married at a Renaissance fair.


He'd want to elope somewhere exotic.


He values the honeymoon over the ceremony.


A simple beach wedding is all he wants.


A small party with a few good pics will do the trick for this guy.


This guy wants to spend his wedding "dancing the night away" with the ones he loves.


Something affordable with friends and family is this dude's dream.


He wants a secret courthouse marriage.


He wants a cheap ceremony followed by a month-long honeymoon.


For him, it'll be just the two of them, followed by a reception with loved ones.


All right, now, go ask the dudes in your life what their dream weddings would look like. They might have more to say than you would have thought.

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