7 Girls Reveal If They Actually Want Flowers & Chocolate For Valentine's Day

by Sydnee Lyons

Some rules are meant to be broken, like the one that says you can't have cake for dinner or that raw cookie dough actually poses serious health risks. Insert eye roll here. Seriously, who keeps actively trying to ruin my life? If it seems like I'm only concerned with candy-related rules, well, that's a fair observation. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been rethinking another rule — the universal decree that flowers and chocolate are the best Valentine's Day gifts. Chocolate, I get, but do girls want flowers for Valentine's Day? I'm not convinced.

Personally, I like buying myself flowers — it's an empowerment thing, OK? — and receiving them as a Valentine's Day gift just means I have to scour my apartment for an extra vase but whatever. It's fine. I've certainly never been annoyed at receiving a bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter, because it's nice to know that someone saw them and thought of me.

Curious to know how other women felt about this Valentine's Day gift ritual, I asked seven women if they actually like getting flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. Turns out, they don't mind but they also had a few other suggestions for gifts they'd like to receive on Feb. 14.

Skip the roses and take this woman to an escape room!

Not at all, but that's just me. If you want to do something nice, do it whenever you feel the need to do so, not just on a certain day when it's "expected". I do the same for my SO, buy them something random to show I appreciate them throughout the year, or take them out some where.
Some women, and men, both actually do enjoy the 'holiday' though, and if that's the case...I suggest something a little more fun. Go to a nice dinner, than go to an escape room or something. Might not be romantic enough, but for me romance is more just genuinely having a nice/fun time together.

- SqueegeBeckenheim

Still, it's good to know that not everyone is a cynic.

I want flowers always. They're something that I buy for myself regularly, and that my family has purchased for me, but I can only think of like two instances wherein a guy has bought me flowers, so I feel like I view them as special more than cliché.

- Genevieve, 24

This woman wants to eat her heart out and, honestly, I get it.

I'll take something edible like chocolate over most gifts any day. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but personally I don't have many wants and most things I do want aren't the sort of things to be little gifts, so usually when someone tries to impress/surprise me with something I end up not using it. But chocolate is always great and you can't go wrong.
If you want to make it extra special write a nice thoughtful card to go with it, or do something like make my favourite food for dinner (or lunch/breakfast if there's plans for that).

- happy-when-it-rains

Who doesn't love a woman who knows what she wants?

Oral. I want oral. Thanx.

- Kit, 25

This woman is a traditionalist — bring on the roses and the DIY gifts.

I like flowers but not so much chocolate. I was always a flowers kind of girl so I love getting them as gifts. Plus, I prefer handmade gifts to store-bought ones. It's always more thoughtful.

- Amanda, 27

Like J.Lo, this woman says her love doesn't cost a thing.

No, I’ve never wanted material things. I’d prefer a healthy relationship where I’m appreciated with words and actions 365 days a year instead of just one with cheap gifts.

- Pantone877

Flowers and chocolate actually say a lot so make sure they're saying the right things.

I'm a sucker for fresh flowers, so I'd never say no to those. I'm not really a chocolate person — it's not like I ever buy it for myself, so if my boyfriend got me some, I'd think he didn't know me that well. Once, a guy I'd been seeing for four months got me a really generic gift and it made me kind of sad. There was no thought behind it at all, and it made me realize maybe he wasn't as into me as I had thought! So, yeah, I'd say get flowers or chocolate if you think the recipient would appreciate them, but also get something more personal that shows you're really paying attention to what she likes.

- Hannah, 24

I think the takeaway here is that women will appreciate getting flowers and chocolates as gifts if they actually like flowers and chocolates. Most people can see right through a thoughtless gift so don't be afraid to get creative with your Valentine's Day gift-giving this year.

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