6 DIY Ariana Grande Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For You & Your Squad

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The countdown will soon be over, my friends... Halloween 2017 is almost here. Oh, yes! It's the most wonderful time of the year. What's up to all my witches? While many of you out there are putting the final touches on your clever costumes, some poor souls are completely lost and frantically searching for that perfect costume. Have no fear! Elite Daily costume ideas are here. If you're looking for that last minute lightbulb, these DIY Ariana Grande costume ideas are everything.

2017 has been an interesting year, and although there are endless possibilities for costumes, Ariana Grande should make the list, always. What's better than dressing up as an icon/celebrity? So, get out that long wig, bring your cordless microphone, and warm up those vocal cords, because you and the squad are all named Ariana now.

Check out these ideas on how to dress up as Ariana Grande, and bask in the glory of celebrity privilege all night. I'll provide you with links to cheap attire, endless Ariana looks, and inspiration for all your gal pals... or boy toys. Let's get real, all you dangerous women. 'Tis time to order up a grande, with a double shot of Ariana.

1. 2016 MTV Video Music Awards


Black Dress Pants, $27, Amazon | Black Flats, $15, Amazon | Lace Crop Top, $16, Amazon | White Press On Nails, $8, Amazon | High Ponytail Wig, $13, Amazon | Black Choker, $7, Amazon

Remember this iconic look from the 2016 MTV VMAs? It was stunning, risky, and one to remember. Embrace the high pony look, lather on the mascara, and strut. Ariana has arrived. Also, if your hair is long enough, and you don't need a wig. Send pics.

2. The Grammy Awards

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Red Gown, $70, Amazon | Diamond Bracelet, $13, Amazon | Diamond Earrings, $24, Amazon | Diamond Rings, $11, Amazon | High Ponytail Wig, $13, Amazon

Ariana stunned in this bright red, floor-length gown and she literally looked like a princess. If you recreate this look, prepare to feel like royalty. Don't forget the fake eyelashes. Although uncomfortable, they're totally worth it.

3. AMA Performance

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gold Metallic Dress, $21, Amazon | Gold Microphone, $4, Amazon | Gold Heels, $34, Amazon | Ponytail Wig, $11, Amazon | White Press On Nails, $8, Amazon

Kick that leg back, embrace the Grande, and rock out in this all gold, metallic look. How could anyone feel bad looking this good? If you really want to get into character, pose on a black chair similar to the one above and channel your inner Flashdance.

4. Cat Woman

Black Cat Ears, $8, Amazon | Black Knee High Boots, $30, Amazon | Black Choker, $7, Amazon | Black Crop Top, $33, Amazon | Black Shorts, $18, Amazon

Meow! Look puurrfect in this get-up from Grande's Dangerous tour. The cat ears will complete your killer costume. Also, don't forget your microphone and singing voice. Your entire squad should be belting Ariana songs. Everyone is a dangerous woman tonight.

5. Sexy Bunny Ears

Sexy Bunny Ears, $23, Amazon | High Ponytail Wig, $13, Amazon | Black Bodysuit, $18, Amazon | Black Knee High Boots, $30, Amazon | Diamond Choker Necklace, $3, Amazon

Ariana Grande fully embraced her sexy side with this seductive bunny look, and we loved her for it. Also, we all need a leather bunny mask to add to our collection... because you just never know.

6. The AMA Red Carpet

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

White Dress Pants, $30, Amazon | High Ponytail Wig, $13, Amazon | Black Platform Heels, $25, Amazon | Lace Crop Top, $17, Amazon | Diamond Choker Necklace, $3, Amazon | Diamond Stud Earrings, $15, Amazon | Dark Red Lipstick, $10, Amazon

Dress the part in this business-glam attire, and strike a pose on the red carpet. Be sure to flaunt it in these white business pants, and shake it in the lace crop top. You will probably never wear these two things at the same time ever again. If you love how you feel in this costume, wear it to work. Why not?

Now, get out there and make Princess Ariana proud. I know she would want your squad to drink the finest champagne (or whatever booze is offered at the party), dance the night away, and never look less than your best. Happy Halloween, pop queens. Tonight is your night to shine.

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