Dixie D'Amelio Has A Surprise For You

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She misses the mall. She just (virtually) graduated from high school. She started making TikTok videos less than a year ago, and already, Dixie D'Amelio is the internet's new It Girl. Before anyone, even D'Amelio, knew what was happening, funny lip-syncing clips and videos with her equally famous sister Charli morphed into D'Amelio's near-instant stardom, more than 25 million TikTok followers, and a major partnership with skincare brand Dermalogica. Despite her exponential level of overnight success, the 18-year-old is just getting started, and bigger moves, personally and professionally, are on the way... just as long as her mom's cool with it, of course.

For someone with a combined social media following double the population of New York City — where D'Amelio dreams of working in a huge, high-rise building one day — she's surprisingly chill while chatting with me. The Dixie you see in TikTok loops is the same Dixie IRL. There's no clickbait; no perfectly edited, filtered, and curated content. It's just Dixie — occasional breakouts, real talk, sweatpants, and all.

D'Amelio dished on all things quarantine as part of Elite Daily's How I Take Care platform, which details how the celebs, influencers, musicians, and politicians you love are keeping it together while they're bored in the house and they're in the house bored. As for D'Amelio? Aside from gearing up to attend the University of Alabama in the fall (assuming it will be safe to do so by then), she might just make a pretty wild hair change and some major moves in the music space.

Her zodiac sign: Leo. "I don't know much about it, but from things people told me, they say I'm very Leo-ish."

Who she's quarantine with: Her mom, her dad, and her sister, Charli.

How they're keeping each other going in quarantine: "Spending some time apart and in our own rooms, for sure."

The restaurant she can't wait to hit up post-quarantine: Sakura, a hibachi restaurant

The last beauty product she tried: Truly's Unicorn Fruit Lip Plumping Balm

Her brutally honest thoughts about it: "It felt really weird, but really, it works, and it smelled good and looks cool."

Her celebrity style icon: Kendall Jenner

Her favorite people to follow on TikTok: Charli and Tyga

A quick self-care routine does wonders when she's feeling insecure.

If it's in the middle of the night, I'll wash my face or get in the shower and wash my hair. Mid-day, I'll get completely dressed and actually put on shoes and do my makeup, because it just makes me feel normal and put-together.

It does wonders for that post-quarantine skincare glow-up, too.

[For my skincare] I have a medicine cabinet full of Dermalogica, so I use all the Clear Start stuff, and I do my night routine with that. But then, on my own, I ordered Dermalogica stuff. So I've just been trying random things, like the [Sound Sleep Cocoon] ... I've just been trying new things to see what works for my face, because I do have really sensitive skin sometimes, [and] honestly, Dermalogica is the only thing that isn't irritating my skin.

She's not going as hard on her makeup routine in quarantine.

I haven't been wearing that much makeup. But when I do, I wear a lot more, just because I can try so many things and I have a lot more time to do my makeup. And it's not like I'm going anywhere, so if it doesn't look good, no one needs to see it.

She's still learning, so don't come for her.

I did a makeup thing the other day, and I posted it on TikTok, and everyone was like, "Do you still use makeup wipes?" And I didn't know that was a thing anymore, so I stopped taking my makeup off with makeup wipes. I had no idea. I barely take my makeup off. So I'm still learning all this and trying to get into skincare. But it was actually cool advice, because now, [my skin] actually does feel so much better and isn't as irritated. I didn't even know I was doing that.

When her mom's not looking, she just might shave her head.

I've been trying to dye [my hair] navy for a while, and I haven't found something that works that doesn't make a huge mess. Also, I wanted to shave the back of my head, because I've done that a few times, but my mom would not let me during quarantine. She wouldn't let me make quarantine decisions. But she did let me shave my eyebrows.

It wouldn't be the first time she went off with her hair.

Honestly, I wasn't super adventurous with makeup growing up, and my style was very basic, but also, I didn't care. I really just liked doing whatever I wanted. I didn't care for anyone's opinion, so I did have a mohawk at one point ... I would shave my head right now if I could.

TBH, she's down to try anything.

I worked at a clothing store last year and ... we spent hours with their outfits and all kinds of crazy, ridiculous things. So I never judge anything because I'm like, we don't know. Maybe it just doesn't fit right and that's why it doesn't look good. I'm open to anything.

Quarantine is all about practicing patience for her.

I have to be patient and relax sometimes, because I know everything's going to work out — we just don't [know yet when that will happen].

And sometimes, (a ride in) the cars that go boom can help with that.

Putting down my phone sometimes and talking with my family, going on rides with my music blasted — obviously not leaving the car, but just riding around and listening to music — are really helpful for me [to relax].

IDK if her fans will be patient for what she has on the horizon, though...

I don't know what I can say, but I definitely have a surprise that I am releasing soon in music. That's probably going to be my next thing that I'm going to try.

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