Why Distance Makes No Difference For Sisters, If She's Your Best Friend Forever

by Tessa Harvey

There's truly no part of me that could ever imagine what my life would be like without my sister. As much as she can yell at me, steal my things, and altogether just irritate me, she's one of the most important people in my life. If you have a sister who is also your best friend forever (and ever, and ever...), I'm sure the sentiment is the same. Even from afar, distance makes no difference for sisters who are true best friends.

When you have a sister, the way you view friendships is completely different. Sure, you have other friends, and you even have some amazing best friends. But, there's this unwritten rule: No one, and I mean no one comes before your sister. If she needed you, you'd drop just about anything to be there for her, and you now she'd do just the same. Your friendship isn't just best friends — it's on a whole other level. As much as who you are is a part of you, who she is is also a part of you. There isn't one of you without the other. Even as kids, it was always her name and your name, one after another, said in the same breath.

When she, or you, decide to move away for work, school, or whatever other reason, if can be a really hard adjustment. And "hard" doesn't even begin to cover it. Sometimes, it's downright devastating. How are you supposed to function without seeing her everyday? The truth is, this hurdle is difficult to overcome, but true sister BFFs can make it work no matter the distance. These five reasons explain just how close you really are.

You Text As Often As You Breathe

It's not like you're trying to text her every minute of everyday. It just sort of... happens. There's always something to discuss. You might as well add this phrase to your daily lingo: "Sorry, not sorry for being glued to my phone. My sister is texting me."

There's No Room For Privacy

You're supporting each other long-distance, so you'd think you'd have more privacy now than ever. That is so not true.

Nothing is too invasive. If your sister BFF calls you while you're in the bathroom? It's far too risky to decline the call. The mute button is there for a reason, OK? I don't need your judgement.

You'll Always Catch Up Like You Never Left

For the two of you, it truly doesn't matter how much time has passed. It could have been years, or it could have been seconds. You'll be the same. When you're together, it's like you never left — and you somehow still have so much to talk about.

Blood Keeps You Bonded (Whether You Like It Or Not)

Even when you don't want it to admit it, your blood keeps you bonded. Every friendship goes through rough patches, but sisters know that rough patch is pretty much a daily thing. Fights are NBD, but they happen. In the end, you know not even a little spat can tear you apart, because you're family for life.

All It Takes Is A Heart-To-Heart To Feel Like She's Right There

Even though the two of you are super close, and even though you might text on the regular, the distance can take its toll on you emotionally. You might not be able to lean over and be comforted with a hug, but you can give her a call and know that she'll make time for any conversation you want to have.

A heart-to-heart is sometimes all you need, and that's what sisters are for. Every duo knows that near or far, those talks make it feel like she's going to be there for you no matter what. So, what would you ever do without her? Who knows — you've got her, and that's all that matters.