There's A Churro Scavenger Hunt In Disney & I'm Up For The Challenge

There’s nothing that gets me in the Disney spirit like strolling through the park with my pick of all the theme park goodies. With Pixar Fest in full swing right now, Disney has been taking its treat game to the next level, and the Magical Kingdom's latest foodie offering is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Disney’s Churro Challenge, which mixes a bit of scavenger fun with a cool prize and your favorite cinnamon and sugar-coated snack. It's basically the perfect excuse to eat your way through all the churros in the park.

In my opinion, Disney churros are one of the best snacks to grab in the Magical Kingdom. Not only are they pretty much guaranteed to rack up all the likes on Instagram, but they're also really easy to carry around. Add that fried crunchy texture coated with sweet cinnamon goodness and a doughy interior, and you've basically got the perfect theme park treat. That's why Disney's new Churro Challenge — which runs from May 14 through June 8, 2018 — can't come at a better time.

According to Delish, annual pass holders can partake in the ultimate theme park snack scavenger hunt by first purchasing a map for $5 at one of the churro carts in Frontierland, Main Street, New Orleans Square, or A Bug's Land.

From there, the park is your oyster for sampling cool churro flavors that are available just for Pixar Fest. Annual pass holders can head to all four of the churro stands and collect stickers on their maps after they purchase the specialty churro on offer. When you've completed the churro scavenger hunt, a commemorative prize is waiting at the annual pass holders corner at Paradise Gardens.

If you're wondering how exciting these churros can be (and if they're really worth the extra trip around the park), rest assured that each Pixar churro is a totally different and delicious experience for your tastebuds. I mean, I used to think their trendy rose gold churros were the pinnacle of the theme park food chain. That is, until I saw all the unique flavors Disney is offering for their churro challenge.

I'd probably start or end my churro scavenger hunt by swinging by the Town Square churro stand on Main Street, where Delish reports that Kevin’s Churro, "a fruity lemon delight," is on sale. Apparently, this treat is covered in a lemon and sugar topping and then encrusted with Fruity Pebbles. Like, OMG, yum.

Chocolate lovers can then head to Frontierland's churro cart for a spicy twist on a classic treat. The Coco Churro is, you guessed it, a chocolate churro, but it's served with a Mexican chocolate dipping sauce for an extra dose of flavor, according to Delish. Meanwhile, the Presto Rabbit Churro is on offer at New Orleans Square, and it's a carrot cake-inspired dessert that comes with some cream cheese dipping sauce.

The Ants on a Log Churro is already my favorite, because it's the most creative out of the bunch. The sweet confection is basically a churro slathered in donut icing (OMG), and then coated in cocoa cereal, according to Delish. It's all the way in California Adventure's "A Bug's Land," but let's be real, it sounds like it's totally worth the trek.

You have until June 8 to get your hands on these treats through Disney's Churro Challenge, so I wouldn't sleep on your churro scavenger hunt. And if these fried sticks of sweet goodness haven't worked you into a sugar coma by the time you're done, why not keep it all going with Pixar Fest's other too-cute offerings? Once again, the Magical Kingdom is making all our (dessert) dreams come true.