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DisneyBound's #BoundToWatch IG Challenge Will Give Your OOTD Magical Updates

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On Apr. 12, 2020, magical inspo for your #OOTD is coming your way. Thanks to DisneyBound's #BoundToWatch Instagram challenge, you'll be given a Disney-inspired challenge each day for a week to encourage you to dress in your best Disney style.

According to the Instagram post, the #BoundToWatch challenge is actually a collab between DisneyBound and influencer, Courtney Quinn (@colormemagic). For the end of March and beginning of April, Quinn challenged her followers to different #ColorMeParkHopper Instagram challenges that asked participants to post pics from different Disney parks and places.

According to Quinn's Instagram, the #ColorMeParkHopper challenge was meant to bring the Disney parks to followers at home. Now, teaming up with DisneyBound, the IG inspiration isn't based on different Disney locations, but DisneyBounds and Disney movies. Each day of the week has two different prompts to follow. On one side, there's a "Wear This" prompt to inspire a DisneyBound #OOTD that pays homage to a specific Disney character. On the other side, you get a "Watch That" prompt that is meant to inspire you to watch a Disney movie from your own collection or on Disney+.


For the first day of the challenge, your two prompts are "Princess/Prince" and "Princess Movie." That means you can dress in your favorite yellow leggings and blue sweatshirt for a Snow White-inspired look, while rewatching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the millionth time. On Apr. 13, the two prompts are both "Monsters, Inc." That means you can wear your matching green sweats with a Monsters University baseball cap, and your roommate can rock a light blue hoodie with purple pants for a duo Mike and Sulley look. Be sure to snap a roomie selfie while you're watching Monsters University on the couch together.

Apr. 14 has a Winnie the Pooh theme for both prompts, so you can dress as your favorite character from the Hundred Acre Wood, and watch any of the Winnie the Pooh movies on Disney+, like the live-action Christopher Robin. Whip up some honey-inspired snacks to enjoy while you're watching that movie, because it's what Pooh would do. Then, on Apr. 15, you get to "Make it Marvel" by dressing as your favorite superhero, and watching your favorite MCU movie or TV show. The Toy Story day on Apr. 16 can be another fun one to do with your roomie, and you can caption your selfie together with, "You've got a friend in me."


Onward is now on Disney+, which means you can either watch it for the first time on Apr. 17 for the challenge, or rewatch it with the Barley to your Ian. Wrap up your #BoundToWatch week with the classic characters — aka, Mickey Mouse and his friends — on Apr. 18. Feel free to wear any of your Mickey ears for this day to complete your lewk.

DisneyBound is meant to be a way for you to channel your favorite Disney characters by using the clothes you already have in your closet. It's not necessarily costume or cosplay, but a way to bring a little Disney inspiration to your everyday look. So, you don't have to go out of your way to buy anything new for each one of your outfits. Simply use what you've got, and if you need help putting things together, you can always check out DisneyBound's Instagram for cool ideas.

Make sure you use #BoundToWatch on all your posts, and tag both @thedisneybound and @colormemagic accounts. That way more people can see your posts and follow along with your Disney journey.

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