An assortment of holiday and Mickey Mouse-shaped treats are available at Hong Kong Disneyland.
Disney's Holiday Treats Around The World Are Cuteness Overload

Courtesy of Disney Parks

If you thought the Disney Parks were properly decking the halls at Disney World and Disneyland, wait until you see how merry the parks in the rest of the world are looking as well. Not only can you expect full-on Disney magic, but Disney's 2019 holiday treats around the world are here, and they need to be enjoyed this festive time of year.

Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Shanghai Disneyland Resort are gearing up for the season by serving up delicious treats you should add to your foodie bucket list ASAP. Of course, you can expect that Disney touch with everything on the menu. That means each one of these eight treats are Instagram-worthy, and some are even shaped like Mickey Mouse himself.

Depending on how hungry you are, this might just be the thing that convinces you to book your flight for a last-minute trip abroad to a Disney resort for the holidays. Or maybe your fam is already planning to visit one of these resorts in December. Either way, you need to remember to snap some pics before you take your first bite of your sweet treat, because everything is too cute for words.

Strawberry And Cranberry Crepes From Tokyo Disney Resort
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Not only do these fruity crepes come in a festive red color, but according to press materials from Disney Parks, they're topped off with a cute Minnie Mouse bow as well. Find these treats along with other festive happenings going on right now at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Chocolate And Pistachio Mousse From Tokyo Disney Resort
Courtesy of Disney Parks

If you love pistachios, you'll want to try this Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse from Tokyo Disney Resort. According to the press release, you can find it at the Hyperion Lounge at the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

Not only is this treat a delicious combination of chocolate and pistachio, but it's festive AF. The dessert is served with a green wreath and a holiday topping of Mickey and all his friends in a sleigh.

Adorably Festive Treats At Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Over at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, you'll find an assortment of adorable treats. Among the almost-too-cute-to-eat treats you can buy are Snowman and Olaf cupcakes, and Mickey-shaped cookies and donuts.

Decorate Your Own Mickey Soufflé Pancakes At Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Courtesy of Disney Parks

If you like to cook, you might want to check out the adorable Mickey and Minnie Soufflé Pancakes that are part of Chef Mickey's Dessert Live Cooking. According to the press release, you'll be able to decorate your own treats with different toppings like sprinkles and cookies.

Japanese Strawberry Pancakes From Shanghai Disneyland Resort
Courtesy of Disney Parks

If you have Frozen 2 songs stuck in your head after seeing the movie, pair those tunes with something delicious like the Japanese Strawberry Pancake dish from Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

For another Frozen-inspired treat, you can sip a Cream Nougat Flavored White Chocolate here as well. According to the press release, the drink features marshmallows, nougat syrup, cream, and of course, white chocolate. The pancakes are topped with Anna and the White Chocolate is topped with adorable Olaf.

The Holiday Duffy Christmas Afternoon Tea Set At Shanghai Disneyland Resort
Courtesy of Disney Parks

How adorable is this Holiday Duffy Christmas Afternoon Tea Set for two? According to the press release, the Instagram-worthy spread includes both savory and sweet Duffy the Bear-themed treats for you and your travel buddy to enjoy.

Minnie’s Puf Surprise At Disneyland Paris
Courtesy of Disney Parks

When you're heading to Disneyland Paris, expect to swoon over their delicious pastries. Find your very own hidden Minnie in this Minnie’s Puf Surprise. If you're wondering what the surprise is — spoiler alert — it's a vanilla “choux” pastry. Take a pic of this gorgeous puf with the beautiful Disneyland Paris castle in the background.

Mickey’s Ho-Ho Choco Orange And Minnie’s Very Berry Hot Chocolate At Disneyland Paris
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Fruit is great, but when you pair it with chocolate, it's even better. That's what you'll get with these delicious fruity hot chocolates at Disneyland Paris. The Mickey drink is called Mickey’s Ho-Ho Choco Orange, and it's chocolate milk infused with orange puree and whipped cream. The Minnie one is called Minnie’s Very Berry Hot Chocolate, and it's infused with red berry puree and whipped cream. Both drinks include the iconic Mickey and Minnie ears to make them even cuter.